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Rules of Engagement Part 2

February 21, 2011


Last week we brought to you the first installment of the Rules of Engagement. if you missed it check it out here.  This week we talk about the validity or not of the 3 day rule. Remember the 3 day rule? Basically entails a guy waiting for 3 days before he calls a girl so […]

The Rules of Engagement Part 1

February 14, 2011


Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus or how does the saying go? I forget. What i do know though is that the quest to understand and be understood by both sexes is a never ending one. To celebrate Lover’s Day, we have done something different. I stepped out of my comfort zone and […]

Getting Back in the Game

January 22, 2010


So I went away for the Christmas holidays, was a great experience plus it helped me get my mojo back. It was good to know I’ve still got ‘it’ [lmao yup I can be a bit of an idiot I know]. On a serious note though its like males can smell the singledom lol and […]