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OffBeat Music revisits Jay-Z’s ‘In My Lifetime Vol. 1’

November 11, 2010


OK so when I first wrote this review in 2008, I was of the impression that most people hadn’t heard this album, that most of you probably let it slide over your heads because of the rumours that Jay was goin to go all commercial on us… I thought I’d dig this up and share […]

OffBeat Music: Mo’Cheddah is The Franchise Celebrity!

November 3, 2010


SO the other day, October 30th to be PRECISE marked the release of the début album by Nigerian POP artist Mo’Cheddah titled ‘Franchise Celebrity’ on the Knighthouse label imprint. I have been immersed in this album for the past three days and I must say that I am very impressed. OK on one hand, I suppose that […]

OffBeat Music: X-factor 2010 Catch-Up

October 20, 2010


SO The X-Factor live shows are well and truly on their way, some would even go as far as to say they’ve hit their stride (but NOT me, not yet) as we’re 3 days away from the 3rd week of live-shows and as far as great TV goes, it’s not been disappointing. Well not to […]

OffBeat Music: 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards

October 13, 2010


SO the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards were broadcast last night and while we’re on the trawl for some more details about what went down, let’s start with the highlight of the ceremonies… The CYPHERS and then we’ll see where we get to ok… Exhibit A: The 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards G.O.O.D Music Cypher with Kanye West, Common, Pusha […]

#OffBeat Music… The 2010 MTV VMAs

September 13, 2010


SO the MTV Video Music Awards were held last night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles and apparently Lady Gaga took home the most with a total of 8 awards. Well good on her is what I say. There were 16 categories in total for the award ceremony and she was nominated in 13 […]

#OffBeatMusic… But This Isn’t About Music

August 26, 2010


YES unfortunately or whatever, this week’s post is NOT about music and strictly speaking, it should be about music so what I was gonna do before I started writing this was send a BBM to my Boss saying that I wasn’t up to doing a post this week & that I was sorry & blah […]

OffBeat Music: The 100Th GlamTings Post

August 19, 2010


So my editor says to me the other day & I quote, “Re your GT post this week, you know you’re gonna write the 100th post so make it spesh”. Spesh? The thing though is I don’t really know how to do ‘Spesh’ (That’s Special if you’re still trying to catch on lol)… I’ve gone […]