Of Writer’s Blocks and Day Dreams

Posted on November 4, 2010


Its 4.03 on a Thursday afternoon. The pressure to write something has been building up all day. Finally sick of the writers block, I beg my best mates….’tell me what to write!’

‘Write about me!’

‘Write about me and my contribution to society, I only use rollon for deodorant none of those nasty aerosols.’

‘Write me a letter’

‘Write about the effects of social networks, renewed hope, friends as fashion [might use this one soonJ]’

‘Write about the topics you asked us to choose from [shopping for men, princesses, pearls and pigs]’

‘Write about not having anything to write about….’

Ladies and gentlemen…that was the winner! You see, creativity is not an easy somtin. Like my brain was just vibrating as I considered random things and issues…notin. Just blank.

However one thing comes to mind. It is November and we all know what that means! It is the month yours truly was born. Yep! November is the month of the REAL cool kids. Everybody knows this #shrug.

It’s not all roses though. As a New Year approaches I always have some kind of existential meltdown conflict….am I doing the right thing? I’m I on the right career path? Lord where did all the years go? Those kind of questions….

My condition is not helped when I see 9 year old Willow Smith ‘whip her hair back n forth’. How can you be such a genius at age 9? I mean at that age I was still playing with colouring books. I’m sure Willow doesn’t play with colouring books, why would she when she can dip her hair in paint and whip it [back and forth]? She’s so cool 🙂

As an aside, I wonder a lot about living your dream. Like is it another nature vs. nurture argument? If you are a Willow then it’s easy to fulfil your music dreams yea? However on the other hand, you also have people like Simon Cowell and Alan Sugar who simply refused to take no for an answer…it’s worth thinking about.

I ask because intrinsically I think everybody is born with a dream. Doesn’t have to be what society deems ‘big’. It may even be something as simple as being a better man than your dad was…being a good mum. Or it could be opening the first hotel on the moon.  Nothing is impossible….somebody just hasn’t done it yet.

I think the worst thing a person can do is to stop dreaming. Life, like thorns tries to choke our dreams…but I think hope is the water that keeps our dreams alive.

As the day I was born approaches, I can take comfort in the fact that I am on the path to my dreams. If it hasn’t happened yet…it’s gonna happen. 100 % guaranteed. By the only person who can make such a guarantee….God.

Have a great weekend!


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