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OffBeat Music: The 2010 American Music Awards

November 23, 2010


For three hours on Sunday, I was engrossed simultaneously to my computer, the TV and my phone. On the TV was the American Music Awards 2010, on the computer was Sunday Night Football in America between the NY Giants and Philadelphia Eagles and on my phone, I was tweeting about both events. Multi-tasking at its […]

OffBeat Music revisits Jay-Z’s ‘In My Lifetime Vol. 1’

November 11, 2010


OK so when I first wrote this review in 2008, I was of the impression that most people hadn’t heard this album, that most of you probably let it slide over your heads because of the rumours that Jay was goin to go all commercial on us… I thought I’d dig this up and share […]

Of Writer’s Blocks and Day Dreams

November 4, 2010


Its 4.03 on a Thursday afternoon. The pressure to write something has been building up all day. Finally sick of the writers block, I beg my best mates….’tell me what to write!’ ‘Write about me!’ ‘Write about me and my contribution to society, I only use rollon for deodorant none of those nasty aerosols.’ ‘Write […]

OffBeat Music: Mo’Cheddah is The Franchise Celebrity!

November 3, 2010


SO the other day, October 30th to be PRECISE marked the release of the début album by Nigerian POP artist Mo’Cheddah titled ‘Franchise Celebrity’ on the Knighthouse label imprint. I have been immersed in this album for the past three days and I must say that I am very impressed. OK on one hand, I suppose that […]