How Deep Is Your Love for Me

Posted on October 22, 2010


Every week without fail I go through this process. What on earth am I going to write about this week??? Ideas like little caterpillars crawl along on the highway that is my mind. Unfortunately most refuse to transition into butterflies and take flight. If you are new to my writing i apologise. I had warned those that were here before you about the randomness that is my brain. So sorry you missed it 🙂

Anywhooooo. So  there I was reading one of the blogs I love and the writer asked a question; ‘is love enough?’ immediately the wonder that is my brain took me straight to the lyrics of that ‘deeply profound’ song by the blonde midget and his pals…’How deep is your love for me’. You don’t know it? Gasp! What rock have you been under?

‘How deep is your love for me

Tell me what it’s gonna be

Do you see youself with a ….. like me

On a low low

So your friends wont know…

Do you see what I mean? How deep are those lyrics? Wow like wow.  Must have taken him the better part of a day hour to write that chorus. Small wonder their musical legacy is still affecting our lives so profoundly.

Ok that’s the last time I will use the word profound in this post. Promise.

Enough Mighty with the Sisqo digs. Admit it you love his little blonde self!

Ok I confess. Only a few people know this but back in the 90s…the very late 90s please o! I recorded Sisqo’s Unleash the Dragon on one tape. Over and over….and over.  Back then we didn’t have cds or iPods. If you loved a song…that’s what you did…simples. So everything I have said about Sisqo in this post…I have said from a loving place *cough*.

However as this things go. I must have sung the lyrics to the song’ how deep is your love’ a 1000 times but I never understood that low low bit….until now.

Sisqo you dog you! On the low low? The cheek! I shake my head at you….shame, shame, shaaameee!


Lol. This whole situation would be funny if that’s not how some boys nowadays behave. I remember a couple of weeks ago being at a friend’s birthday party. A guy who had professed interest in me was also in attendance. So as Rick Ross’s Teflon Don played softly in the background he began to tell me just how much he cared. He said ‘Mighty you don’t know just how much I love like you, please give me a chance’. I nodded…as you do and contemplated the sincerity or lack thereof of his words. I should have saved myself the trouble. Turns out I didn’t need to bother my already overloaded brain.

30 minutes later as the vodka and coke he had been drinking set in, he could be seen…well for lack of a better way of putting it….dancing on top of a random girl at the party. Yes I said on top. Yea the aesthetics of it all…puzzled me too.

So that was how deep his love was for me lol. Fascinating stuff really.

You know I’ve always wondered how people like Sisqo get away with those kind of lyrics. I’m inclined to think it’s because people let them. I’ve said it times without number. Your words are only as good as the actions with which you match them.

You may talk a hard game but can you back it up? [Yea that’s my street speak for the day]

Obviously not all guys are like the fellow above. There are some good guys, but ladies and gentlemen too can we stop allowing people to bastardise this word love???

Like I am begging please. You can’t see me now but if you fax me your email address I can send you a picture of me kneeling down. That is a promise.

Ok on a serious note. The more people use the word love without thinking the more watered down it gets. Until you need to say it cos you mean it and then the person you are saying it to, doesn’t believe you cos well….everybody says it.

*Drops the Mike and Walks Away*

Thank you for reading. Goodbye and God bless


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