Because Summer Works in Winter

Posted on October 18, 2010


Ladies and [Gentlemen] Chic Therapy is back! She shares tips on how to migrate your summer wardrobe to winter chic. Peradventure [i love that word :p] you have been under a rock and dont know who Miss CT is check out her blog here and her previous post for GT here. Now lets get into that good stuff:

Hey Chicas, today, I will be sharing tips on how to incorporate some of your summer outfits into the fall/winter season.  I know there are fashion rules that state the pieces you should wear in the summer and those you shouldn’t in the fall, em…rules were made to be broken and I am sure the fashion police understands the need to recycle since we are in hard economic times.

Dresses: These are the easiest piece to transition into your fall wardrobe. All you need is a cardy or bomber jacket, your scarf, tights and you are ready to rock that number all through fall again. If you are not comfortable with summer colors for fall, you can contrast your bright colored dresses with darker tones of cardigans and jackets.

Shorts: Uhn? Shorts for fall? Yup, you sure can pull off your favorite shorts in the fall/winter months. Shorts made from thicker fabric like denim and tweed will protect your legs when paired with tights/leggings and knee length boots.

Skirts:  Just like shorts, you can wear your favorite short skirts again in the fall. Longer length skirts could be paired with ankle boots and shorter ones with knee length boots.

Tank Tops:  Colorful summer tank tops can come in handy in the fall/winter season. A great way to rock them is to wear them underneath offshoulder sweaters. Mixing different colors of tank tops with sweaters is another way to jazz up your look for the fall/winter season.

So ladies, don’t dump your summer outfits just yet. Play around with what you already own, be creative and most importantly, personalize these pieces to suit your taste and body type.

Yep! You se why we love ‘err? If you’d like to see more of Miss CT kindly sign the petition by leaving a comment lol…for more of her goodness see here



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