OffBeat Music… X-Factor Season Has Arrived!!!

Posted on October 5, 2010


SO X-Factor, the UK-based talent show (slash) entertainment spectacle is now in full-swing with the 12 finalists having been picked over the weekend by the show’s judges; Simon Cowell, Louie Walsh, Danni Minogue & Cheryl Cole Tweedy and it wasn’t without it’s controversy. I wonder if I should go into it, I wonder if I can go into it without getting aggravated and ruining my day… I wonder? Well let’s carry on as we are and we’ll see how I feel later on…

I’m excited for Danni Minogue (who knew I’d ever say that) and the boys category because the three boys I predicted would be in the finals all went through to the finals…

I bring to you… Matt Cardle

#teamMatt ALl day & Every Day

Also introducing… Aiden Grimshaw

& without forgetting… Nicolo Festa

#teamBOYS for the 2010 X-Factor series, ladies & gentlemen

Needless to say, it all sorta went down-hill from there really. I couldn’t care less which groups Simon Cowell put through from the ‘groups’ category but you kinda sensed that the two groups they manufactured from the bootcamp episodes would be put through to the final stages no matter what happened and Simon did just that, putting through Belle Amie & One Direction to the final stages of the competition. We can easily say that we saw that one from a thousand miles away and of course there was Louie Walsh with the Over-28s, at least he put London-based soul singer, John Adeleye through to the finals and you just have to empathize with Mary Bryne so I’m glad he put her through also.

And then we all witnessed the shocker of the whole series and possibly the biggest shocker of all the 7 series put together. Ms. Cheryl Tweedy making an absolute mockery of everything that is good and just in the world. Imagine the travesty!

She picked this…

Can I JUST point out that this Cher Lloyd girl DID NOT even sing on this audition & watch Cheryl tell her to show ‘us what you’ve got’… She’s got NOTHING, she showed us NOTHING but we all know she’s ‘right up your street’ Cheryl Tweedy!!! What a shambles???

Over this…

Oh I Can’t! Treyc’s audition wiped the floor with what’s her face, Cher’s audition. How in heaven’s name did the nation’s ‘sweetheart’ come to this conclusion then…


As if that was not enough, she also picked this…

She fumbled her audition! Am I the only one that saw this? Or was Cheryl Tweedy the only person in this world who didn’t see that?

Over this…

What’s worse is… Apparently this Katie woman already has a record deal in the US and is allegedly chums with Sony BMG who Simon Cowell works for (Read it all HERE).

It all reeks of ‘fixing’ if you ask me. The whole bloody thing. I just cannot take it. Absolute shambles is what I say and oh do NOT get me started on this Cheryl Tweedy woman, its a bloody travesty I tell you!

Anyway I’m not gonna go on a rant today, you make of this what you will and if yo feel a certain way, do leave a comment… Other than that, it’s #teamBOYS all the way! #teamDanniMinogue all the way!

Until the Next time…

Peace & X-Factor

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