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Posted on September 28, 2010


I’ve never been as exhausted as I am now. I’m so happy to have my lil bro with me but my whole schedule is upside down. lol. Going to bed at 10pm? A thing of the past. Eating bread and sleeping? Thing of the past.

I’m laughing in my head cos we are the ones shouting marriage, marriage, marrriagggeee. This is my practice and boy it’s not easy. How did our mothers do it? Practice? I think love just gives us superhuman ability because just when you think u couldn’t possibly move an inch…he calls and you answer :). Love is a powerful motivator.

He’s adapting well and such a good boy/man too. Lol dunno what my mother has said to him but he has been questioning me about the guys that ‘said hi’ to me on Sunday. ‘So what’s wrong with that one?’ ‘That one nko’? Dem send u come my guy??? Hehe. Operation ‘Mighty must marry’ lol. Notin do them.

In other news, I have been fashied. Dumped. Thrown to the curb. How? By who? Who did such?

My mother. Yes o. My mother has abandoned me. I’m no longer her baby. The real baby has come and now I am no longer flavour of the month. I’m not jealous…sniff. No really I’m not #straight face.

Sometimes I fear that when I write my GlamTings posts I come across as being ‘preachy’. I dunno. It’s weird though when random people give u a thumbs up cos they read your stuff. I guess it takes all kinds.

It’s funny but guys really are defined by what they do and how much they earn. No matter how old or how ‘successful’. ‘Hi my name is so so and so…i am a so so and so…look at my car, look at my watch, look at me dammit!’ Hehe.

The special ones are few and oh so far between.

Meanwhile, ‘Mighty’s law’ [a la Murphy’s Law, Newton and all those other random people]. You ready for it? Ok here goes:

‘That which is disturbing you is not what is disturbing me, so either press pause or go fly off the nearest bridge a kite….simples’

You like? I love it very much. While I get that human beings are intrinsically selfish please remember that I, although a mighty fellow, am but one fellow. So please tink/reason/behave and furthermore give thine self brain and above all don’t stress me. Ahhh feel better already 🙂

I met Omar Lye Fook on Friday. He’s a UK singer who is famous for his ‘There’s nothing like this’ song. [See below]

He’s also sung with Stevie Wonder and Angie Stone. What struck me though was his humility. Maybe cos he doesn’t have ‘loads of money’? Does money come with arrogance? #Pauses and thinks….You know I honestly don’t know. I’m open to your thoughts on this conundrum [I love this word].

Me and Omar:

News Flash: I hate the word ‘Cute’ ewwwww. I, Yes, I, am tough yo. So please don’t call me ‘cute’, ‘cutie’ or any such derivation of the word. Thanks in advance.

Lol, I keep fighting a losing battle with that one. One day I will win, mark my words!

In other news this songs tug at my heart…like you hear their voices and it just takes you to a different place:

William McDowell: I Give Myself Away

J.J Hairston/Youthful Praise: He is Exalted

Nigeria is 50 on Friday. Yes there are a myriad of problems but think we should also thank God. We are not at war, we have not been split into 3 different countries, and we are not in famine….

The rest of the issues, God will sort out. However on Friday, let us raise a glass and salute the motherland!

Peace, Love and Cheesecake,


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