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Posted on September 16, 2010


Hi guys I need your help. Sometimes writing my GT post is the easiest thing to do. Other times like now it’s so hard. Like there are so many things I could write about don’t even know where to start. Its easy to write in my private blog because I don’t have to sugar coat stuff or worry about who might be reading my thoughts. Here I have to edit and be politically correct lol.

In the last hour I’ve tried to start at least 4 different posts but then the enthusiasm fizzles out. Here’s where you come in. Below are a couple of titles and excerpts from posts I’ve been working on. Let me know which one you would like to read and I promise to finish it in time for next week…deal?

Here they are:

Shopping for Men

Lol so anybody who knows me knows I love to shop. Yep it’s my thing. It can suck when you don’t have any money though. I don’t mind I like to browse and wait until that money comes. Yep the money must surely come. However that is not why we are here.

As a single pesin the lack of suitable male talent is quite disheartening. When you now add the presence of values the dating pool shrinks further. Add committed Christian into the mix and all you’re left with is tadpoles swimming alongside sharks in the Indian Ocean [don’t ask…my head is random]…


Princesses, Pearls and Pigs

I haven’t always known who I was.  Growing up many times I was who you said I was and I tried to be who you said I should be. You in this case could have been anybody from family, to friends to a boyfriend.

Now that I am somewhat older, I am coming to a realisation of just who I am. This realisation isn’t coming empty handed though. Who I am comes with what I want and what is befitting for me. Let me explain….


Better to have loved…

Life is short. Not being morbid here, one might even argue that I am stating the obvious. If you’re lucky then you are only confronted with this fact when you switch on your tv. Others less fortunate, know this all too well from personal experience. So we’ve established that this is true. Even if we live till we are 80 and beyond it is still nothing if you believe in the afterlife.


What will you be remembered for?

If I had to write my autobiography today I already know who will be in it. It might be shocking to some that some family members might not get a mention while some friends will. I have had the opportunity to hear what might have been said at my funeral. Some people cried, others were grateful for my second chance while others yet carried meaningless rumours. Such is life. I remember after my accident being grateful that I was alive to refute those rumours and that my mother didn’t have to go through that. I also remember being surprisingly touched at the people who were crying. That was odd, not odd that people would cry for me, but odd at the people that were crying for me….asides of the usual suspects of course…


Those are the posts so far. Please leave me a comment with which one you’d like to see…or if it’s none of the above then feel free to suggest a title.

Thanks guys and have an amazing weekend!






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