My Head is Beating

Posted on September 8, 2010


Now I’ve said it times without number. Being an adult is some super hard work. Like i can feel my head beating. Ah ah warrisall dis? All in the bid to do better to be better.

I have applied for my Chartered Marketer status. The path will take me 2 years before I can be Chartered but at least I am on the pathway.

Yesterday was my one year anniversary at HW. It’s the longest I have ever worked in any place in one stretch…or ever. Hooray for me I must be grown up.

I bought 2 sales books yesterday. I never buy work related books, scratch that I never buy books that are not fictional. Again I seem to have grown up.

I have 2 family friends in Cardiff. Both of them are moving back to Nigeria. One is going back next month. I’m sad but I’m also happy for them. They are moving on to do great things.

It’s easy to forget how hot you are when your life becomes limited to a 15 minute radius. It’s good to look in the mirror and remind oneself.

I’m looking at my MSc. certificate. That little piece of paper is worth close to £10000 not to count the hours of slaving over term papers and dissertations. That piece of paper also says Distinction :-). I should have it framed.

I think people talk a lot of rubbish in their bid to sound intelligent #Shrug.

I also think life doesn’t require us to strive that hard. Prayer and Peace= Healthy Living. I’m trying to practice that. Must not try too hard though :-).

People are attracted to confident and fun people. If your friends are jumping ship, you might want to think about that.

It’s not that hard to get a guy’s attention.

I find it irritating when people ask where I’m from and when I say Nigeria, they reply ‘wow your english is very good’ O_o

People need to get out more.

I love it when a good plan comes together.

 I also love it when I’m doing what I love.

I love Marketing.

I think if we concentrate on being the best we can be, the things that we desire will quickly follow.

Anybody like to count how many I’s are in this post? No? I didn’t think so. That’s one more 🙂

As much as lies within you live at peace with all men. Meaning if you’ve tried your best and it doesn’t work….let it go.

It’s not naive to expect everybody to like you. What’s not to like?

If they don’t, let it go…its their loss.

Life is short…work hard, play hard, praise hard.

Give generously. A tight fist lets nothing out but lets nothing in either.

People are not out to get you. You’re not that important. Ok you are. Seriously you’re not that important.

Smile, Jesus loves you. More people would love you too if you did.


Forgive my randomness. I hit my head when I was a child…many times.

That’s why my head is so hard. Serious.

Ok that’s enough.

Till the next time


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