Fall Trends Through the Eyes of Chic Therapy

Posted on September 8, 2010


Here at GlamTings we are very priviledged to have Miss Chic Therapy guest post. Her insightful posts on Street Chic as well as upcoming designers is quickly building her a cult following.  Having previously guest posted on her blog see here i begged her to return the favour. Without further ado read her take on this season’s trends:

Another summer season has come and gone and it is time to give up the flimsy pieces for more structured ones. As a big fan of the fall season, I have been popping into stores and browsing through websites to see what this season has to offer. I have noticed some particular craze, and today I will be highlighting the major trends I have come across. This is not going to be about runway trends or what was seen at fashion week. It simply is what I found on the rack.

Lace: I stepped into H & M the other day and it seemed like lace pieces had taken over the entire store. Whether fused with other fabrics or on its own, a lace outfit is sure to give you a classy look.


Puffy Shoulders: The puffy shoulder has been around for a while and is staying with us through Fall 2010. I actually like this trend and over the years I have invested in a few pieces. The defined shoulder makes   structured blouses more feminine and allows you dress them up or down with ease.


Messenger bags: Messenger bags have invaded the fashion world and every relevant celeb seems to be carrying one while sashaying about L.A, claiming to “run errands”. Messenger bags however, make life easier especially if you live in a city like me. With your bag across your body, your coffee in one hand and your blackberry in the other (not that I own one) you are all set.


Braided belts/Cognac colored belts: I have been seeing a lot of braided belts in the cognac color. They give a refined look and look exceptionally chic when paired with a hip length button down shirt.


Military trend: The military trend is not yet ready to bow out of the fashion world. They come mostly in army green, beige and navy colours with blazers, jackets, trench coats and blouses  bearing this trend.


Clogs: Who ever thought we would witness the rise of Clogs again .The last time I owned one was in Jss3 and just like high school, I thought it was done and over with. From the open toe to the ones with the back strap, clogs will instantly give you that boho look. This is a trend I am still trying to figure out and if I decide to get one, it would be the open toe style.

Photo Credit: Gardenboots.co.uk, Polyvore.com, http://shop.hm.com, alloy.com, www.express.com

Thank you Chic Therapy for sharing! Read more of her fashion insights here

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