The Camel Coat.

Posted on August 27, 2010


Yep. This fall it’s all about earth tones…..camel being very huge [already]. I just bought me a lovely bag today….and I realize I’m getting into the camel crase. As you might have noticed, Autumn is fast approaching. I stepped out the other day and the wind chill said it all. I guess it’s time to go trans-seasonal chic ;). I actually really love Autumn………the fact that I can go crazy layering, and wear all sorts of short dresses & skirts with chic tights. Soooo, it is the Autumn of the Camel coat, and I thought to give you a bit of inspiration in case you decide to go buy one. Just be sure to pick the right length [or you may end up looking too short :p , etc].

Camel Coat
12 760 SEK –
Camel outerwear »

Maxmara coats CAMEL
698 GBP –
Camel outerwear »

Sportmax coats CAMEL
598 GBP –
Sportmax coats »

Diane von furstenberg knitwear CAMEL
264 GBP –
Camel clothing »

Camel Sheepskin
$1,750 –
Camel clothing »
D. x.x.
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