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Posted on August 19, 2010


So my editor says to me the other day & I quote, “Re your GT post this week, you know you’re gonna write the 100th post so make it spesh”. Spesh? The thing though is I don’t really know how to do ‘Spesh’ (That’s Special if you’re still trying to catch on lol)… I’ve gone from thinking about writing but not about music (that would be pretty ‘Spesh’) to thinking about writing about something to do with 100 (as in Top 100 Albums ever or Top 100 One-Hit Wonders or Top 100 anything that’d be Music related) in the past 24 hours & right now? Well let’s just say I’m absolutely clueless! I mean how do you make a music-piece on a lifestyle blogazine any more ‘spesh’ than it already is lol?

And then it hit me… Why NOT do a ‘This time 100 years ago’ type of piece? I dunno what kinda music there was in 1910 but I suppose we’ll be finding out pretty soon! My first point of call? Wikipedia lol! WOW prepare to be mildly entertained or at least enlightened (consider this a history lesson in Music lol)

SO… DID you know that ‘Come Josephine, In My Flying Machine’ as recorded and performed by Irish folk singer, Marie Brennan on ‘Back to Titanic’, the second original soundtrack album for the record-breaking 1997 film ‘Titanic’, was ACTUALLY first recorded by Broadway Singer & Actress Blanche Ring way way back in… Yeah you guessed it, 1910? Check out Marie Brennan’s version right below & Nah I didn’t think you’d know any of that either!

Guess who also took music from 100 years ago & used it in a film? Bette Midler (yeah go ahead & front like you’re not huge fans of Ms. Midler!) for the 1979 film ‘The Rose’ recorded her version of the 1910 popular song ‘Let Me Call You Sweetheart’ originally written by Leo Friedman & Beth Slater Whitson! Yup some trivia knowledge for you if you’re so inclined… Bette Midler won herself a ‘Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy’ Golden Globe for her lead role in that movie, obviously NOT just for covering a 1910’s popular song but for some great acting also I would have thought but that is neither here nor there. What is however here or there is the title-track for that film ‘The Rose’ (aptly titled ‘The Rose‘ of course) which scored Ms. Midler a Billboard #1 Adult-Contemporary Single in 1980 for five straight weeks & a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance… If you’re a fan of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ then you will have seen Ms. Midler perform this song last year but yeah, check out that performance below…

And if you’re sat there thinking ‘My God I know that song’ & subsequently (or not) wondering ‘where in Heaven’s name have I heard that song?’, well it could be one or a number of these places… That song was showcased in the 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite, it was also on the 100th episode (you see what I did there) of the TV sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men’ as well as on season 7 of Family Guy… Harry Belafonte did a version in 1981,Dame Shirley Bassey did a version in 1995, so did LeAnne Rimes in 1997 BUT more significantly, Irish boy-band Westlife did a cover in 2006 that reached #1 on the UK singles chart and of course the Irish singles chart… Check out their version right below?

I quite prefer Mr. Belafonte’s version if I’m being completely honest with you but oh well!

I can imagine a lot of things happened in 1910… Boutros Ghali, the first native Prime-Minister of Egypt was assassinated in 1910, King George V became King, South Africa was created, Mother Teresa was born but to be honest, where am I going with this? This is a music-piece or expose if you will & I’m afraid I digress

So back to the Music yes?

I do think though that a piece or expose on music in 1910 will NOT & should NOT be complete without a mention of ‘America, The Beautiful’. I mean I could go without mentioning it but who would I be kidding heh? Plus I’m not that much anti-America anyway so why not, it’s a good song (well the Ray Charles version is a great song!). Did you know that the words to the song were first published in 1895 as a Poem titled ‘America for publication’ but in 1910, it was published as a song when composer Samuel A. Ward combined his music to the poem & apparently this song is so popular/loved over there that it’s been put forward numerous times to replace ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ as the US National anthem. Now ain’t that some trivia right there? Check out footage of Ray Charles performancing this very song (right below)

Now I was gonna add a version Toby Keith, Kenny Rogers and a few of their Country music friends did of this song BUT I’d much rather share another Ray Charles rendition… His is just so much better to be honest!

#PS I think everyone has done a rendition of this song, I mean everyone! From Whitney Houston to Barbara Streisand to Aretha Franklin to Elvis Presley to Mariah Carey to Christina Aguilera to Bon Jovi to Kelly Clarkson to Beyonce (at Barack Obama’s inauguration, you remember? Aight check below then!), it might as well be the National Anthem by the looks of things and to think I was gonna settle for showing you the version by Toby Keith and his buddies? Kmt!

Oh by the way… No offence to Toby Keith and that, I actually fux with Kenny Rogers on any given day BUT did this piece all of a sudden become about America??? I know right! Like what is that about? Oh Well… Where was I? Oh yeah I was gonna round up with a Kenny Rogers song to show you the Country Music levels are high! Ok maybe not the Country music levels, just the Kenny Rogers levels lol! Check the levels below all the same…

Excuse me while I go find my Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits cassette… I guess I’ll be seeing you back here next week!

& please don’t forget to use the comment section below to air your grievances with me regarding this piece… I applaud you for making it to the end. I must say that I appreciate you sticking with me through this history lesson cos you know, as with history lessons, half the class are asleep half way through anyway so yeah thank you!

It’s Triple A & that was the 100th GlamTings Post

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