Angry Birds

Posted on August 12, 2010


That is the name of the game that is currently fascinating and annoying me, [in equal proportions] at the moment. If you have an iPhone look for the app. I promise you, you’ll feel the same way. Personally, I don’t think I am angry…you know. Generally I tend to be happy go lucky. I have also recently discovered that I am a ‘Lola’ as in I ‘lol’ in every chat; even in conversations…I say ‘lol’. I shake my head at myself.

That’s not why you are reading this though. You want to know why I have called this post ‘angry birds’…me too. Honestly I’m not sure. I’ll tell you what though. How about we talk about some things that ‘riled’ me up this week shall we?

Now you know how you are pumped on a Monday morning. Ready to take the week! You have given yourself a ‘pezna’ sermon…Mighty you can conquer this week! This week is yours mehn! Take it! With the war cries resounding in your head you get to work, switch on your computer and lo and yes…behold! You have a virus on your pc. Ladies and gentlemen…welcome to my Monday. The whole day…..GONE. As in nothing remained. No, I did not do any work and yes I got increasingly frustrated by the hour. As in I just asked myself at 5 pm why I even bothered coming to work. So that was Monday.

Now Tuesday. Before I talk about Tuesday, please can I talk to you good people about the art of taking initiative? As in, I don’t know if it’s just me but people, its looking like a lost art. Let me not digress too much. Back to my story.

So my internet router has been messing up; since the beginning of the year in fact. Finally it packed up on Sunday. So my internet provider says I’ll send a new one in 2-3 working days. I say, Fantastic! They didn’t tell me they would require a signature otherwise I’d have told them…no can do…send to my office instead. On Tuesday I get a text from the delivery company telling me my parcel will be delivered between 12-3 pm, please note we require a signature. So I get on the phone to my internet provider…as superstars they ask me to call the delivery company [if you’re not sure if I’m being sarcastic or not…the answer is neither am I].

Now this is where the real action occurs. I call from my mobile; this premium number and this …for want of a better description…this fellow picks up. I explain my predicament; say my office is round the corner can you please change the address. ‘Uh no ma’am we can only change the dates’. So I’m like ‘yea that’s gonna be an issue seeing as you only deliver 9-5pm Monday to Friday and I work Monday to Friday 9-5 pm, is there anything you can do?’ he replies ‘ Err no ma’am’. I say ‘there’s nothing you can do???’ ‘No Ma’am’.

I’ve finished. Yes that was the end of that conversation. No, I’m not joking….serious…the end. I’m waiting for the end of the month to get my phone bill so I can see how much that 4 minutes of utter futility cost. Hmmph. So now my router is just chilling at the delivery company’s depot.

My Wednesday was fine, thanks for asking. So was my Thursday. I guess it could have been worse. On a positive note…its Thursday…yay! Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend starts. All is well that ends well.

Before I go, I have been amazed in the past week at the diverse people that read this blog. Like I know the number of people that visit, I see the comments that are left…but there are also the unexpected surprises of those that say to me….’I read your post’. Thank you.

In writing these posts I draw from my personal life experiences. I can’t talk about anybody else’s. My life is good, God has blessed me. There are areas where I still require His blessing but I have come from a mighty long way and I still have much further to go. My past mistakes I share with you so that my pain can be your gain. My current experiences I tell you so that you may be encouraged. A by product of that is that the reader and I realise that my current phase is one of life’s seasons. We might both be experiencing it, or perhaps you have experienced it before me and then you can encourage me or we can encourage each other. It’s the same way we will celebrate the successes.

On that note I say a big thank you for taking time to read my randomness 🙂 and I hope you have a smashing weekend,


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