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Posted on August 11, 2010


Oh My LIfe! It’s Wednesday night already! Where did the week go? I haven’t applied for one single job all week & I am finally on my last 40quid… Good Times heh? SO I haven’t been able to keep up with the new music over the last week so I am afraid this post will be another haphazardly put-together event… If you really don’t like it, leave me a comment right below & I’ll change my wayward ways (lol)!

SO off I go to one of my favorite blogs for new music but unfortunately (or otherwise) a slight detour ensues and I find myself enthralled in Beyonce’s (& Mum) House of Dereon Fall 2010 Photoshoot, part of which you can check out below with promo vid to boot (lol) & can I just say that Beyonce stays mighty FOINE!

You can check out the rest of the photoshoot via ThisIsRnB and since we’re on the subject of musicians and fashion, Rocawear recently recruited R&B stars Trey Songz & Melanie Fiona to shoot their new Photo Ad-Campaign for the fall, some of which you can check out right below also (& the others, you can view HERE)

Alright now that we’ve got that outta the way (we don’t want the folks over at The F Word calling us in the morning, do we?), we can get right into the music right? Well I just saw that new video by Bashy for his single ‘Fantasy’ that’s due out next month (September 19th). While I don’t quite get the concept of the video, it stars actress/artist Preeya Kalidas of Eastenders fame + the record is really good so yeah… Check it!

Still sticking with Preeya Kalidas, after gaining notoriety as Amira Shah on the HIT BBC-Soap Eastenders, she has re-emerged as Preeya the singer with a single titled ‘Shimmy’ which I will put up for your perusal right below.

Tell me something. Why do these celebrities think they can become artists just off the cuff? #DearPreeya or rather #DearAmira is anyone really buying this whole ‘singing is my first love’ story? & shame on the record label that signed her to a deal. She is signed to Mercury Music Group along with the likes of Pixie Lott, U2, Razorlight, The Killers, and Chase & Status (Pure Talent & then there’s Preeya?) and I could go ON about how the media are lapping this up, I do NOT understand it at all! There’s far better singers as in real artists that are just dying for the coverage that this woman is being handed on a plate BUT I suppose this is the UK Music business for you. We could stay here for days talking about that one but I’d be digressing & I hate digressing…

Anyway, Mr. Tinie Tempah is back with a brand new single after the hugely successful ‘Frisky’ and ‘Pass Out’ titled ‘Written in the Stars’ that will be released next month. It’s a huge and welcomed detour from the previous two singles which is always a good thing but what’s with that rap flow he begins each verse with? Thank God he drops it mid-way through… Listen to it below and tell me what you think?

I always like to think there’s a reason for my late articles on GlamTings and this has to be one of them!


This one’s featuring Beyonce & Charlie Wilson and its’ called ‘See Me Now’. Get your download on right below!

Download: Kanye West + Beyonce + Charlie Wilson – See Me Now

And on that note, I think I’mma call it a night right?

Oh wait before I go, I need you to check out this Emerging Portland duo, Moxie Black, made up of Dekk (producer) & Illa J (artist) who are causing a huge stir all over the internet. It’d be a low-down dirty shame if you weren’t up on these guys right now… Check em out HERE and come back to thank me!

Until the Next Time…


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