OffBeat Music: You Are NOT Ready

Posted on August 4, 2010


First off, I apologise for my ‘no show’ last week! I had promised I was gonna be good to you this Summer but last week was not the best times. Here’s what it was yeah, Mr. OffBeat lost his 9 – 5 so yeah, it’s kinda hard doing anything else or concentrating on anything else when something like that happens. Still not here fully to be honest but anyway keeping it moving as we usually do…

So what’s buzzing in the music world this week? Well there was that new Wale mixtape (More About Nothing) that shut down the internet yesterday! I’ve listened to half of it already and it’s really really DOPE!!! You can check out a couple trailers for the mixtape (Yes they have trailers for mixtapes now!) HERE + you can check out one of the mixtape records, Ambitious Girl, right below & you can download the full mixtape HERE!!!

& then there was that Grime Remix of Diddy’s ‘Hello Good Morning’ featuring the self-proclaimed King of Grime, Skepta (& of course the Dirty Money ladies) that hit UK radio on Monday, debuting on DJ Logan Sama’s show on KISS 100, which you can listen to right below & download HERE (Download via Team Supreme Music)

In other news, do you remember Nina Sky? Well they’re back with a brand new 8-track EP titled ‘The Other Side’ which you can get for free via their BandCamp Page… I haven’t listened to all of it but it’s got some really cool Pop | R&B  | Dance tracks going on so definitely give it a listen!

What else is good in the world of Music did you ask? Oh iDunno… You gotta tell me what interests you & then maybe I’ll go scouting for something in that area for you? So yeah leave me a comment or two, lemme know what your interests be (in Biggie Voice)… OK that was my random plug of the week right there! I just diddy-bopped over to Splash’s website to find brand new music from Trey Songz & Neyo (not together lol), this is the point where the ladies go wild right? iDunno, I’m just asking init! Aight listen right below & then get your downloads on right below that (lol)!

Download: Neyo – Tear You Down | Trey Songz – Can’t Be Friends

I must admit, when I first saw the title of Trey’s song, iThought for some reason, it was a cover of the song right below

If you don’t know about that song then boiiiii educate yourself init! #PS Somebody should cover this song! It’s soo good! This was my High School jam back in the day, there was this girl init but we won’t get into it!!! #PPS Where in heaven’s name has this pure R&B sound gone? **kanye shrug**

OH MY DAYS! That just brought back the memories! You know what? I was gonna share that new Faith Evans record & that new Katy Perry joint BUT this is what we’re gonna do right NOW…

#OneWordComment… JHEEEEEEZZZEEE!!!

#TwoWordComment… NOT READY!!! #ThreeWordComment… Acapella toh BAD!!!

#FourWordComment… YOU ARE NOT READY!!!

And JUST for Old Times Sake…

**Puts Laptop DOWN & Walks AWAY** BECAUSE You’re obviously NOT READY!!!


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