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The Camel Coat.

August 27, 2010


Yep. This fall it’s all about earth tones…..camel being very huge [already]. I just bought me a lovely bag today….and I realize I’m getting into the camel crase. As you might have noticed, Autumn is fast approaching. I stepped out the other day and the wind chill said it all. I guess it’s time to […]

#OffBeatMusic… But This Isn’t About Music

August 26, 2010


YES unfortunately or whatever, this week’s post is NOT about music and strictly speaking, it should be about music so what I was gonna do before I started writing this was send a BBM to my Boss saying that I wasn’t up to doing a post this week & that I was sorry & blah […]

Perception vs. Reality

August 19, 2010


So this week GT has reached its 100th post. As a matter of fact this is the 101th post. Weehooo! Has it been easy…No. has it been worth it? Yes. I feel like we should give away something….you know to commemorate this occasion. Maybe on the 200th post, yes I’ve written it down so you […]

OffBeat Music: The 100Th GlamTings Post

August 19, 2010


So my editor says to me the other day & I quote, “Re your GT post this week, you know you’re gonna write the 100th post so make it spesh”. Spesh? The thing though is I don’t really know how to do ‘Spesh’ (That’s Special if you’re still trying to catch on lol)… I’ve gone […]

Angry Birds

August 12, 2010


That is the name of the game that is currently fascinating and annoying me, [in equal proportions] at the moment. If you have an iPhone look for the app. I promise you, you’ll feel the same way. Personally, I don’t think I am angry…you know. Generally I tend to be happy go lucky. I have […]

OffBeat Music… Late Summer Nights

August 11, 2010


Oh My LIfe! It’s Wednesday night already! Where did the week go? I haven’t applied for one single job all week & I am finally on my last 40quid… Good Times heh? SO I haven’t been able to keep up with the new music over the last week so I am afraid this post will […]

Purple Reign

August 10, 2010


So its no secret to my friends, family…random bystanders that i absolutely adore the colour Purple. Indeed you will not be wrong in saying that it is my favorite colour. Now its been ages since we’ve had an F Word post so i was going to do one on purple things i love. However i […]