Posted on July 22, 2010


In my relatively short life I have worked quite a number of jobs. I like to argue that it gives me a well rounded perspective on life, my C.V. says otherwise. If you look at the beginning of what I call my career, it would not be uncommon to find a nice selection of jobs lasting an average of 3-6months. Before you judge me, let me explain please. Fest I will like to use my internship as an example because it is a very good example of what I am talking about. Are you with me? Yes? Good. Tenks.

You see, when the MD of the advertising agency I was to intern with explained to me my working terms and conditions, he informed me that work was from 8-5pm and I was to be paid a stipend for my troubles. Fairly straightforward, no? So tell me why, when on the second day I picked up my bag at 5.01pm to go home my supervisor stopped me with a ‘where do you think you are going?

To me it was a somewhat silly question. ‘Home of course’ I replied. ‘Why’ she asked. Ah ah i said ‘because it’s 5pm’ she replied ‘and so?’ Pause….how do you reply that? I said ‘well the MD said [yezz I was about to stick it to her] that 5pm is my closing time’. She said ‘look around you NOBODY goes home at 5’. Do you see that? A clear misrepresentation of my contract! Plus I was only a mere intern. So for the next 3 months I worked like a slave, some Saturdays saw me at work, my supervisor made me cry once or twice….just because she could. Until the day my car broke down in the middle of a 3 way junction [in the middle!], that’s when I threw in the towel.

Fast forward to my next horrible job, where my boss had the unique ability to bend the truth when it suited him, couple that with a gift for putting people down and voila we had ourselves a truly special boss. Took it for 3 months and left for greener pastures.

Now I’m here a couple of years down the line and I am reflecting. You see I tend to like people but I also expect them to like me back. However that’s not quite how it works in the real world. No siree. Business can be cutthroat and people unfortunately can be sneaky. So I have had to learn how to ‘toughen up’ and not get upset when I think somebody doesn’t like me. Most times they don’t even know me, so what’s not to like? #shrug. Furthermore I cant always up and run when things become remotely uncomfortable cos that’s not what real life is about.

If we take it a step further, last week I heard about a state in America which is rewriting the way marriage vows are said. Apparently the new vows are to read ‘…For as long as love can last’ instead of ‘for better for worse’. A quick look around at today’s society and we see that people are already implementing it in their lives. They don’t even care about the love lasting bit; they just move when things get uncomfortable or when the honeymoon atmosphere begins to fade.

The good things in life are not easy. To be great or to achieve greatness demands a great deal of hard work. Hard work that people nowadays, don’t seem to be willing to put in. We just want readymade stuff. A ready made man/woman, who intrinsically knows what we want and does it before we even have to ask…wouldn’t that be heavenly? No. Lol, that’s not how it works.

A baby eagle has to do the work of breaking itself out of the egg from which it was hatched, so that it can be strong enough to fly. So it is with anything that involves standing out and standing tall. Succeeding at a marriage involves sticking with it when the going gets tough remembering the vows ‘For better, for worse’. Succeeding in a job means sticking with it and working hard [-er] when opposition arises. The great stories we admire are about people who believed in their dream even when others didn’t. People who kept at it, even when others told them they were silly for doing so. These people had ‘Stick-at-it-ability’.

I want to be great too, so I know what I must do.


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