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Posted on July 14, 2010


The NEA Awards for those of you wondering is the ‘Nigerian Entertainment Awards’ (I just clocked that it’s called the NEA Awards as in the ‘Nigerian Entertainment Awards Awards’, thats epic lol) & for those of us who have admittedly been living under a rock, the NEA Awards 2010 is the 5th succesive edition of this award ceremony that aims to reward the finest of Nigerian Music, Film, Television et al (basically entertainment, why didn’t I just say that?) over the last year (I presume). Let me let them tell it themselves…

“The Nigeria Entertainment Award (NEA Awards) is an annual event focused on recognizing the many contributions of Nigerian Entertainers to a thriving industry across the globe. The producers of the event are dedicated to promoting the image and rich culture of Nigeria in the continent and to the international scene. This dedication has increased the awareness of this new edgy style of African Entertainment and has helped promote Nigerian acts to the world” – NEA Website

Now the award ceremony and award nominees have been advertised over the last week on all the social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter…) and if by any inclination, you’re Nigerian on any of these sites then you probably would have seen or heard about these awards & if you’re like me, you’d have at least checked out the nominees. Now me personally, iLike to check out these awards to see what’s what so to speak. I’m not heavily into Nigerian Music but you could say I’m on the scene… Could you say that? Well I get some Nigerian artists send their music my way, which is always nice (lol) & I got that RuggedMan/9ice conversation sent to me for reasons till this day, I will never fathom… So could we at least say that for argument sake, I’m on the scene… Anyway iTook a little gander at the nominees list and if you’re on my twitter then you already know what this is about! I was gonna write the NEA Award people producers a letter, as in actually write and email that s**t through to em BUT who wants to read an endless rant from some nobody?Nobody! Exactly… Anyway before we go ahead, why don’t you take a look at the nominees list HERE real quick and we can get this conversation going!

Shall I debate each category or just go straight for the jugular out here & jus drop my 2kobos? I dunno, I dunno… We’ll just see how it goes, shall we?

So the first category which is probably the most important or coveted (iDUNNO!), ‘Best Album of the Year’? Dunno too much about these albums to be honest so I couldn’t possibly comment. I just couldn’t possibly! I’ve got the Wande Coal album but yeah & I’ve heard a few records off of both the Tuface & DaGrin album + The London-Based DJs seem to be playing Jesse Jagz’ ‘Wetin Dey’ like a million times every night they’re spinning at a party (now if he had his PRS game on, he’d be caking off of that ALONE! Someone let him know!) & that’s really all I know about that to be honest… One album I heard and was really impressed with was Lami Phillips’ ‘Intuition’ so maybe??? BUT as I said, couldn’t possibly comment!

The ‘Hottest Single of the Year’ category doesn’t even have the title of the Wande Coal song being nominated??? Now surely someone must have noticed that and pointed it out to the powers that be right? Surely??? OK I know the songs on here, well I know three of em (assuming the Wande Coal single is one of the many that the clubs usually go wild for?) and I reckon if any of these three win, it’d have been a good call… DaGrin – Kondo | D’Prince – Omoba | Wande Coal – ???

#SideNote: Oh SNAP I just looked closely and the Wande Coal song nominated is ‘Bad’! The web designer or the website manager needs EGBA (Translation: Cain | Beating | Flogging)

… Which leads me unto the ‘Best New Act’ category and pardon my ignorance a little bit here but who is Jaywon? I know the other names on here BUT alas who cares who I know heh? I gotta give it up to this Omawunmi lady, although I wouldn’t really categorise her as a ‘New Act’, I mean runners-up of West Africa Idol 2007 & a single’s release 6 months after that doesn’t really translate to ‘new act’ in 2010 now, does it??? BUT yeah giving it up to the woman still, getting a nomination for the ‘Best Album of the Year’ as a quote-and-unquote new act must be something else!

Gospel Act of the Year NEXT

NOW for my first real contention of the awards in itself… The category ‘Indigenous Artist of the Year’ and having Nneka as a nominee in this category and fast-forwading a few categories to ‘International Artist of the Year’ and having KAS, of ‘Fi Mi Le’ fame as a nominee in that category… *Pauses for Breathe & Dramatic Effect*… WHAT??? OK one can only wonder what the reasoning behind their having Nneka nominated in an ‘Indigenous Artist’ category and not the ‘International Artist’ category! The mind boggles at that one & for days on end as well! I know the word ‘indigenous’ can be structured to have a wide array of definitions but wouldn’t the fair interpretation of that word be ‘originated from & reside in’, wouldn’t that be fair? Fair at least for this argument, however far from a real representation that interpretation is??? Otherwise, why is there even an ‘Indigenous Artist’ award as different from an ‘International Artist’ award because vaguely speaking and without being pedantic when you really should if you’re gonna have a category such as that, we are all flipping indigenous right??? I suggest the person or people or producers (whatever it is they wanna call themselves) should A. READ THIS or THIS, B. GO READ A BOOK or something & C. iDunno… QUIT maybe???

Let’s delve deeper into this categories please! Nominated for the ‘Indigenous Artist of the Year’ are Asa, 9ice, Pasuma, Jesse King & of course Nneka… Even by association or some common ground of selection into this category, based on the other nominees in here, what does Nneka have in common with the rest of them, asides making music of course? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! I really do NOT wanna comment further on this because I will begin to go on all sorts of tangents until we miss the whole point of where we flipping began, I just don’t get it! Maybe someone can explain it to me… & nominated for the ‘International Artist of the Year’ are Wale, Keno, JJC, Kas & MoEazy and I presume ‘International Artist’ might mean artist of an international acclaim or disposition or fame or something close, I doubt I am far off SO how are ANY of these artists in this category off a higher international acclaim or dispositon or fame than Nneka??? HOW??? It makes NO f**king sense and please I’d love to see or hear someone explain this or at least try and explain it to me… The UK’s Sunday Times compared her 2005 debut album ‘Victim of Truth’ to Lauryn Hill’s ‘MisEducation’ album, 1 of Beyond Race’s 50 Emerging Artists in 2009, toured with Nas & Damian Marley, Bilal, Gnarls Barkley & Lenny Kravitz (please don’t let these be lost on you even if I fail to relay my points well enough)… The list goes on and on BUT not ‘International’ enough for the NEA Awards? NO not even! Bullshit I say… No offence to Mr. Folarin on that nominees list BUT Nneka is as INTERNATIONAL as International gets! What the hell are these NEA Awards people thinking? Lemme ask you, what makes JJC or MoEazy or KAS an ‘international artist’ seeing as we’re all f**king ‘Indigenous’ anyway??? YOU FLIPPING TWATS!!! May7ven, who hasn’t released any music all year, is even more International than these guys… Come on! Get it together + you know Chiddy Bang is missing from this category right? Just so you know, that is!


‘Best Pop/R&B Artist of the Year’ NEXT

And oh it must just be me who’s being anal but isn’t it funny how on every other category, it’s ‘Best (Insert Genre Here) Artist’, the keyword being ‘Artist’ but when it comes to Hip-Hop music, its ‘Best Rap Act of the Year’ as in ‘Act’? I know! I know! I know! i’m just being difficult now, well that’s because I’m pissed off with these NEA Awards people! If you’re gonna do something like this, the least you could do is BE consistent, even if you’re gonna be consistently RUBBISH… I dunno about any of the artists nominated but I don’t wanna be called an ‘Act’ while in the same breathe, you choose to refer to my peer as an ‘Artist’… I dunno, I might just be wrong!

BUT the random acts of fuckeries don’t end there…

The next category after the Hip-Hop, nah sorry ‘Rap’ (nonse! lol) category is… Wait for it… ‘Best Soul/Neo-Soul Act of the Year’… *Sigh*… How do I explain this delicately though? #dearNEAAwardsPeople, DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT NEO-SOUL MEANS? You obviously do NOT! ‘Neo-Soul’ is not a genre of music, of all the things that ‘neo-soul’ is, being a genre of music is NOT one of them! But you run an awards show so you should KNOW this… I will not go into the ‘neo-soul’ debate on here, if you wanna do that, leave me a message or something… NOW as for the nominees (bearing in mind that for the ‘Best Pop/R&B Artist of the Year’, they had as nominees, Banky W, Wande Coal, Chuddy K, Omawunmi & P-Square) of the ‘Best Soul/Neo-Soul Act of the Year’, they had Tuface, Lami, EVA, Nneka & Toba Gold??? OK first and foremost, I thought EVA made Hip-Hop music or is this a different EVA? It must be because the EMA Awards people couldn’t make such a flagrant mistake, they couldn’t possibly… Like I said, I aint heavy on Nigerian Music so lemme jus keep it moving! Since when, for crying out LOUD, did Tuface start making ‘Soul/Neo-Soul’ music? Since flippin NEVER that’s when & if you’re gonna call that thing Mr. Toba Gold does ‘Soul/Neo-Soul Music’ then you’re just taking the piss outta the whole art of Soul Music SO JUST STOP!!! I have a theory though, here’s what iThink happened… They wanted to bung Nneka unto their award ceremony plans so bad & because her music is so ‘not in a box’ (Ask her & she says Hip-Hop, ask me & I don’t have a clue… It’s got Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Pop… Its got all these different elements!), they just started thinking up categories to invent & put her in… Well NEWSFLASH! You failed cos True SAY, put her in any category & she’ll probably deserve to be there & more deservedly so, win! Like I said on my twitter, the other artist… who even remotely comes close to making ‘Soul Music’ in this category is Lami so we might as well just give her the bloody award now then! + if you’re nominating Tuface & Mr. Gold for a ‘Best Soul/Neo-Soul Act’ award, don’t you know an artist by the name of Bez Idakula???

OK enough about that… Here are some of the other awards categories, the NEA Awards people have put together! ‘Music Producer of the Year’ & ‘Best International Producer of the Year’ (they like this ‘Best’ word sha!)… Why these two categories cannot be merged into one, I will NOT know! Surely it’d be easier, more competitive and all that other good stuff right? Well I’m rooting for big homie Kid Konnect in the ‘International Producer’ category, the kid is extremely DOPE! & these guys are gonna make the same bloody mistake their peers at Hip-Hop World Awards went and made by ommitting Banky W’s ‘Strong Thing’ video from the ‘Best Male Music Video of the Year’ (talk about long-winded) category & I know what you’re gonna say, the director is not Nigerian right? Alright fair enough… The fact remains that the video is better than any of the ones nominated here BUT iSuppose only as a consolation, ‘Lagos Party’ should win + the video was very well done! They were smoking indoors though? Mi o fe yen o lol! OK… Moving on to the ‘Best Female Music Video of the Year’ and yet again, the reasoning behind having two different categories for the ‘Best Music Video’ is only of mind-boggling proportions, I’d give it to MoCheddah & Clarence Peters for ‘If You Want Me’…

I have NO idea about the Film & TV categories so make I no talk wetin I no know! However what I do know is my favorite categories at the whole NEA Awards thing are 1. the ‘Best World DJ’ category. I am biased here but notwithstanding the award should go to either DJ Xclusive or the big homie DJ Mighty Mike, either of these guys win and I’ll be happy! 2. the ‘Best Comedian’ category… You see how the NEA Award people did this without some next ‘Best International Comedian’ category to waste our times with, that is HOW it should’ve been done for the ‘Music Producer’ and ‘Music Video’ categories!

As a final parting shot… ‘Most Promising Act to Watch’??? Even I know that lil homie Wizkid should be nominated for this! Even I know that! #ps Femi (Adeyinka) should have been nominated for a couple more other awards really and truly BUT I’m all outta words to say…

The NEA Awards of 2010 will take place on September 18 2010 at the Tribeca Performing Art Center in New York City.

My name is Triple A & those were my 2kobos…

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