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Posted on July 8, 2010


GOOD Evening Ladies & Gentlemen…

Fresh off of our little tirade against the Chris Brown haters last week, we thought we’d keep it #PC this week & all the way simple by just sharing with you some of our favourite new music videos from the last week… & Who knows? If you stay til the end, there might just be a few downloads for you to add to your iTunes lol!!!


We’re kicking things off with our Hip-Hop foot forward! This week, UK Hip-Hop Veteran MYSTRO dropped the first single titled ‘Around My Way’ off of the hugely anticipated album that’s soon to hit stores near you & the video is tres DOPE! The concept just oozes originality… Lemme let you check it!

iLove it!!! Show support and spend that 79pence or 89cents for some quality music… Gwarn you know you want to!!!

Purchase: Mystro – Around My Way

AND I really don’t know how to introduce this next video… IT JUST GOES HARD! You already loved the original but this remix just goes all the way in!!! I’ll give you a hint “Everybody Hand GO UP… & they stay THERE!”

… I don’t really KNOW who these next cats are but they feature Joe Budden and the song’s aight I suppose? Some of you might like it! The group’s called Soul Mafia (Is it sad that some of you read that & knew immediately who they were OR am I the sad one for not knowing them???)

(If you liked that) Their album ‘MK Ultra’ is OUT now!!!

AND Here GOES my favourite Non Hip-Hop video over the last week!!!

It’s Cee Lo Green’s Paul Epworth produced cover of Band of Horses’ ‘No One’s Gonna Love You’

Check out the original Band of Horses’ ‘No One’s Gonna Love You’ off of their 2007 album ‘Cease to Begin’ right below

Aight we’re gonna close this out in rather poignant fashion with something worth your listening for 4 odd minutes…

It’s Talib Kweli & DJ Hi Tek as Reflection Eternal with the official video for ‘Ballad of the Black Gold’ off of their latest album ‘Revolutions per Minute’ which is out now!

Until the Next Time then…

… OH for all you DOWNLOAD Junkies, something to tide you over til next wee!!!

Download: The Dream + R. Kelly – Veteran

Download: Ciara – Gimme That

Download: Sean Garrett + Bun B + Yo Gotti – Summer Love


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