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July 22, 2010


In my relatively short life I have worked quite a number of jobs. I like to argue that it gives me a well rounded perspective on life, my C.V. says otherwise. If you look at the beginning of what I call my career, it would not be uncommon to find a nice selection of jobs […]

OffBeatMusic: Random Talk on Rick Ross + Chiddy Bang + Kano + The Script

July 21, 2010


Hello YOU… How’s it going? Hope your week’s been going smoothly and that? Erm I’ve actually got nothing for you this week you know, I woke up this morning feeling extremely mash-up & just feeling really sick & as it goes, I can’t really function or concentrate on anything if I’m being honest SO in […]

The Book or the Cover?

July 15, 2010


It’s hard, really hard to write about deeply personal stuff. I’m grateful to all those that left comments on my last post…glad to know I am not alone. Its overwhelming almost made me cry because there I am in my little cocoon thinking woe is unto me, nobody feels the way I do….and there you […]

OffBeat Music… What is a ‘NEA Awards 2010’???

July 14, 2010


The NEA Awards for those of you wondering is the ‘Nigerian Entertainment Awards’ (I just clocked that it’s called the NEA Awards as in the ‘Nigerian Entertainment Awards Awards’, thats epic lol) & for those of us who have admittedly been living under a rock, the NEA Awards 2010 is the 5th succesive edition of […]

How I Annoy God

July 9, 2010


These last few days I have been in a bleargh mood. Can’t be bothered, can’t be asked. On the surface everything seems to be going well. Work is fine; rent is paid, even got some money in the bank. One might even argue that life was good. So what then is the problem? It’s just […]

OffBeat Music… Videos R Us

July 8, 2010


GOOD Evening Ladies & Gentlemen… Fresh off of our little tirade against the Chris Brown haters last week, we thought we’d keep it #PC this week & all the way simple by just sharing with you some of our favourite new music videos from the last week… & Who knows? If you stay til the […]

At first I was Afraid, I was Petrified….

July 1, 2010


Every time I sing that song in my head I always end it with the high pitched scream…just like now. Somehow the song is not complete without the scream. It just isn’t. Sometimes I look at my life and I wonder. I wonder if Bill Gates, Simon Cowell and Sir Alan Sugar feel the way […]