OffBeat Music… Chris Brown + BET 2010 = A Moment! BUT Some still stay HATING!!!

Posted on June 30, 2010


I BET You have all seen it, the performance at the just concluded 2010 BET Awards ceremony by Chris Brown, paying tribute to his idol, the Late GREAT Michael Jackson on the 1-year anniversary of his death… Well if you haven’t seen it (I very much doubt this but oh well), you can check it out after the JUMP… Before that though, I’ve been reading alot of hateration towards Chris Brown for his performance over the weekend and I must say, I’m rather disappointed. NOW you of all people know that I haven’t been a fan of Chris Brown ever since he battered his girlfriend at the time, Rihanna BUT it’s been over a year now and typically I’m NOT up for ‘second chances’ and ‘forgiveness’ and all that BUT when did I, all of a sudden, become GOD??? What are we if we CANNOT forgive a fellow human being? ANYWAY we’ll get to that bit later on… Where was I? YES! Rather disappointed… at some of these headlines and comments to be honest!’s Matt Cherette ran the headline “Chris Brown breaks down During Shameful MJ Tribute at the BET Awards” and went on to call the performance “obnoxiously self-serving“… Obnoxiously self-serving??? Well Dear Mr. Cherette you F**KING twat where did you get that one from??? & Then you had VH1 Blogger Rich Juzwiak basically go off on a stupid one & compare Chris Brown to murderers, rapists and BP execs when he said “Let’s remind ourselves of this next time we have a murderer or rapist or BP exec whining in front of cameras, OK? Or don’t. Whatever. Be as emotionally irresponsible as you want…” amongst other incredulus things he felt he had to say on his personal blog… He was however honest enough to mention that “I think Chris Brown’s tears at the 2010 BET Awards were sincere…” but then again as they usually do, he went and said “Again, I don’t think his tears were premeditated, but it doesn’t matter, anyway — it’s the same despicable result, regardless of the intent”. I actually found Mr. Juzwiak’s blog/article made some sense & was more understandable than (what’s that twat’s name I quoted earlier) Matt Cherette’s ‘obnoxious self-serving’ claims. Rich Juzwiak’s argument simply was that although Chris Brown’s break-down was sincere and not premeditated, it was ‘incredibly unprofessional’ and I’ll give him that but I will say though that we’re NOT machines, we’re simply human beings and yes while Chris Brown ‘had a job to do – salute Michael Jackson’ (as Mr. Juzwiak put it), sometimes it can all just get too much for any (all) of us so in that light, I think Chris Brown needs you to cut him some slack and by you, I do mean everyone!

Oh shall I mention that in the aforementioned blog/article, the said Rich Juzwiak goes on to diss Usher’s singing, Nicki Minaj’s everything, the show’s host Queen Latifah (at this point, I should really stop because anyone who is so full of haterade enough to diss the Queen shouldn’t even have my time!), Kanye West’s opening performance and in the same vein, he goes on to give props to El DeBarge of all people… Nothing against El Debarge, the man’s a veteran and I can’t wait for his upcoming album but need I remind you or rather Mr. Juzwiak & all those people bigging up his performance at the BET awards whilst still being unforgiving & extremely critical towards Chris Brown and what not, that Mr. DeBarge also has a DOMESTIC BATTERY CONVICTION against him!

I read a few other bloggers speaking their two cents about the whole Chris Brown BET Performance thing and I suppose that’s what bloggers do, we always feel like we should say something… ALWAYS… But like my Mother always said, “If you don’t have anything good to say, then just be quiet”. Actually she must have said that to me all of once in my lifetime but I’m sure you’ve heard it before… I’m not even gonna bother going into any more ‘blogger comments’ no more to be honest! I think’s Nsega Burton said it best in her article “Leave Chris Brown Alone

“Brown went from being a media darling and one-half of an industry “it” couple to being one of the most loathed figures in pop culture. Walmart wouldn’t sell his CDs. He couldn’t get booked on any television network, and radio stations refused to play his music. Is it really shocking that this young man would break down and cry? His BET performance was a rare instance in which he was being celebrated for his talents rather than being excoriated for his demons”

The applause that he received demonstrated support from his fans and the industry, both of which know that the way he has been treated is hypocritical at best when compared with other troubled artists (including domestic abusers). People are stepping in the name of love to R. Kelly songs, and Kelly was charged with, among many things, child pornography; praising Jesus with BeBe Winans, who was charged with assaulting his wife around the same time as the Chris and Rihanna debacle; and bouncing to T.I., who is a sho’ nuff criminal. Yet, they want to know whether Brown is authentic?” – Nsenga Burton

TO be honest, there are just too many ‘quotables’ in that article that you just need to check it out for yourself + you should also take a look at Rich Juzwiak’s article as well, I’d love your comments on these if you could!


I did say I was gonna come back to the whole forgiveness issue and what not right? If you like forgive, if you like do NOT forgive but DO NOT be a HYPOCRITE with it! Just remember that God should really not forgive you if you can’t forgive the next man (Yes I took it There… & WHAT?)

That will be all…

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