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Posted on June 23, 2010


The Summer of 2010 began in earnest this week and the weather’s been gorgeous in London! The World Cup is in FULL Swing + Wimbledon 2010 is under way so I guess it’s safe to say that the town where I reside is BUZZING this week, I’ve almost NOT checked out any new music this week so I was hoping we could do that together while I’m here…

Before I came here, I had a lil quick trawl of one of my favorite blogs at the moment, Soul Culture, to see if they had any goodness that I could bring with me and I found this, lemme know what you think ok!

That was UK-Based, Zimbabwean singer/song-writer, Tinashe with the visuals to his forthcoming single ‘Saved’ that’s due to be released on August 15th. If you like it, then iTunes that when it comes out. What? 79pence! Say Nothing!

OK on another tip though, Tinashe very much reminds me of Nigerian-based singer/song-writer, Bez & it’s NOT because they both play the guitar and they both got that same cool geeky look going on… I’ll just show you what I mean (yeah I’ll show you the look too lol!)

And NOW Tinashe (oh Yeah that up there was Bez)…

OK so now that we’ve cleared that up (You see I never lie lol!), we HAVE been hearing about this collaboration for ever it seems… Well it is NOW here & ‘it’ is Nigerian & German Singer/Song-writer Nneka with the big homie, Nasir Jones on the remix of ‘Heartbreak’

Download: Nneka Ft. Nas – HeartBreak (Remix)

And oh yeah, #randomthoughts… I’m NOT a Nicki Minaj fan, never paid attention. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a full-length track of hers, although I liked her verse on Drake’s ‘Up All Night’ BUT my homie played me this record this morning, her remix of Notorious BIG’s ‘Warning’ and I kinda liked it (it may be that I really liked the Biggie record so much, call it ‘the nostalgic effect’) so I thought I’d share it still… Check it!

Sorry for the slight detour but I do hope you enjoyed that, well if you didn’t… BOOIII!

The New visuals for The Roots’ ‘Dear God 2.0’ dropped on us over the weekend and all, if you haven’t seen it, you can check it out after the jump before UMG gets on Youtube’s tits to bring it down… The new album is officially out NOW so get your copy NOW!!!

And before we leave you, we’re just gonna run through some of the new R&B Music that’s been circling the webosphere all week (all you R&B heads, don’t say I don’t look after you o!)

Download: Bilal – Free

Download: Marsha Ambrosious – I Hope She Cheats

Download: Keyshia Cole – Someone Tell My Heart

Download: Neyo – Stronger (Shout)

Download: Case – Foreplay

***The above downloads were brought to you courtesy of the good folks over at Pigeons & Planes!!!***

Ermmm so I guess we’re gonna call it an evening on that note, catch you up next week though!

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