Posted on June 18, 2010


Unfortunately in all the 13 names my parents and extended family bestowed unto me….oi was not one of them, neither was Yo. Obviously this pesky little chap in Sainsburys must have been misinformed. He’s not quitting, like a mosquito buzzing in my ear he keeps on with this oi business.

Me: Mr! That’s not my name.

Pesky: ‘Oh yea? Come over here lemme hola real quick’.

Me: Excuse me? Is your leg paining you?

Pesky: ‘Ha ha you got jokes, how old are you?’

Me: Excuse me???

Pesky: Yea how old are you, gimme your number…

Now that’s when I walked away. One might argue that I should have walked away from the first Oi but before you continue can I just say 3 things?

First, I was in the middle of making an important decision….whether to buy Ribena or Sprite.

Secondly I was in London not my darling Cardiff where the boys are too fearful respectful to try such.

Thirdly, I would like to argue that all of the above contributed to my shock and consequently I was rooted to the spot.

In all of this though I don’t blame him, I blame Rihanna. Yes. She is the one who sang their national anthem. Does the song ‘Rude Boi’ ring any bells? Now you’re getting me. When did it become acceptable to talk to women like that?

The lines are becoming so blurry between what is acceptable and what isn’t. Obviously for that guy to come ‘hola’ it must have worked on other girls. So I then become the girl ‘forming tuff’ when I refuse to be ‘hollered’ at in such a manner. Oh while we are on the subject of pet peeves. Please can anybody explain to me why a guy that is neither my father or my boyfriend or my friend for that matter will address me as baby or honey or sweetie? This is a very serious question please and I would like answers! Thanks so much in advance.

To be honest sometimes I wonder if there is any point re-entering the dating pool. Just last week a guy says to me, ‘oh what you doing this weekend? I was thinking we could hang out, go see a movie, get food, take a walk and then kiss you, hello? Hello?

Yes I had dropped the phone.

I guess on the plus side you no longer have to wonder about guys’ and their intentions, nowadays they tell you. Straight up.

Ah my heart is heavy. What ever happened to courting, to opening the door for the lady?  To helping out the lady is obviously struggling with a heavy load? To holding back while you tried to figure the other person out? To discovering what the other person likes/dislikes on a series of dates? Or over long hours on the phone?

Now it’s just a sequence of blackberry pinging, text messages and ‘are you gonna bang doe’. KMT

Don’t get me wrong, once in a blue moon you do meet the good guys, the ones that fuel my hope and help me realise that chivalry might be on life support but it is not dead.

Do you see how I do that? How I manage to insert that ‘all is not lost’ couple of lines? That ray of hope? I’m quite proud of myself to be honest…quite proud…

Till the next time, I remain


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