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Posted on June 16, 2010


Guess who’s Back Back Back? Back Again… Gain… Gain??? OffBEAT’s back back back! Tell-a-Friend… Friend… Friend!!! Aight I’m overly gassed up tonight, just had the best pancakes ever from HERE so I’m buzzing lol! Don’t mind my cheap imitation of Dont Jealous Me… Anyway Anyway, like we always do it, we’ve got some of the best bits in Music over the last week SO we’re just gonna dive right into it!!!

Let’s KICK things off with some Brand NEW | Spanking NEW Music from your favorite  Hip-Hop Troubled Soul, Lemme know if you’re feeling any of em ok!

Download: DMX – Y’All N****S Bounce

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In other Hip-Hop news, Eminem has a record out with Rihanna… I never thought I’d see the day BUT alas… To be honest, I really like the record, it’s called ‘Love the Way You Lie’ and it’s gonna be on Marshall Mathers ‘Recovery’ album which leaked unto the internet sometime over the weekend. The retail release date is June 21st (UK) | June 22nd (US) SO make sure you support #goodmusic…

& You’re probably wondering ‘So where is he going with this?’, well they both (Eminem & RiRi!) performed the song at Activision’s E3 Concert in LA just the other day… Check out the footage + add the record to your Music Player!

Download: Eminem + Rihanna – Love the Way You Lie


Jordin Sparks??? Where the heck has she BEEN? Well all of a sudden, as you do, she’s resurfaced with some new material… I’ve never been a big fan of Ms. Sparks asides that one amazing song she had (with one Mr. Chris Brown who’s now rapping??? & doing mixtapes???… Oh how the might have fallen lol!) BUT her voice CANNOT be denied though, there’s NO question about that… Well Check out the record below + get your download on, its all blessed!

Download: Jordin Sparks – Definition


Something DOPE from one of the DOPEST Naija Musical Exports for the very DOPE ‘Listen Up’, the Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album… JUST ALL AROUND GENERAL DOPENESS!!!

Purchase: Nneka – Viva Africa


As you may OR may NOT know, I’m very much into emerging music so with that said, I’ve got something really really BIG for you to vibe with until we can catch up again… I’m NOT gonna give you any background info on these artists, I want you to take a leap of faith, click on the download button and listen to this record!

Download: ZO! + Sy Smith – Greatest Weapon of All Time

#sidebar… Thank ME Now for this one!!!

#ps… While we’re on the subject, Drake’s debut album ‘Thank Me Later’ is OUT NOW! Buy IT Here!!!

#doublePS… Until the Next Time!!!

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