#Music Monday: Throwback Time!

Posted on May 24, 2010


Now you know you’re getting old [er] when your favourite part of the party is when the dj breaks out the oldies. On Saturday I found myself doing some Britain’s Got Talent worthy karaoke moves. Think I realised I was singing too loud when the music stopped and people began to stare. Lol just kidding! However I got my  top ‘oldies but goodies’, ‘guaranteed party starters’, ‘club bangers’….pick your cliché:

Cameo: Candy

One of the soundtracks to my favourite movie of all time, The Best Man. The opening bars of the song immediately has me attempting to do the Electric Slide:

Whodini: Freaks come out at Night

Old school rap at its finest:

Jagged Edge ft Jermaine Dupri and Run DMC: Let’s Get Married Remix

To say I love this song is probably an understatement. From the first verse: ‘See first of all i know these so called players wouldn’t tell you this’ to the Run DMC rap…’what’s going on across the sea? It aint nothin’ i aint frontin’ shorty coming with me’ so amazing:

Salt n Pepa: Push it

Now there is no ‘nice’ or ‘good’ way to dance to this song. You just got to push it, push it real good!

Vanilla Ice: Ice Ice Baby

All right STOP! Collaborate and Listen, Ice is back with a brand new invention..:

Last but definitely not the least,

Kool and the Gang: Get Down on It

This song doesn’t even need an introduction:

That’s all for now folks. Word to your mama [sorry i couldnt resist 🙂 ]


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