Who am I??? [Wake up call]

Posted on May 7, 2010


Last weekend was a funny one for me. I had an epiphany, well epiphanies are not that uncommon for me to be honest but this one was. You see it challenged all my fundamental beliefs about myself. Before I get carried away let me explain.

I am not a patient person. Nope its not one of my virtues. I want something and I want it yesterday. Hate being late, hate waiting for people, hate slow walking people….ok this one you have to feel me on. Imagine you’re in the busy town centre/market loads of people walking about, you’re headed somewhere fast and suddenly the couple in front of you stop and begin to point at an ‘oh so amusing’ window display, making your legs screech to a halt. Like seriously where do you think you are? Is this a tourist attraction?? How many of us think we should have lanes for walking too? You know like a fast lane for people with somewhere to go and a slow lane for them damn tourists’ lol. Rant over back to my story.

Anyway on Saturday my friend and I had friends to meet up for a spa date, we got to town with 30 minutes to get a swimming costume and get to the spa which was a 10 minute walk from the city centre.  Seems achievable enough no? Did I mention we were gonna get the costume from Primark on a Saturday afternoon? Yea, now you can see where this is headed. All my pet peeves came to the fore: slow walkers, time wasters, confused folk need I continue? Immediately I felt the impatience turn to rage and I began to see green:

‘Esther are you alright? Why are you looking like that? Hello? Hello?’

Lol as I returned to reality I realised that perhaps this might be more of an issue than I had previously thought. Short of declaring a 7 day retreat to the top of a Tibetan welsh mountain to commune with nature and myself; I did the next best thing. I took a personality test. Yea I bet you didn’t see that one coming. Answered a load of random questions and BOOM I had my results. According to this personality test i am a Melancholic Choleric with a touch of Sanguine. Hmmm sounds like some kind of disease. So of course i googled it and only choose the good reviews [of course yez]. A Melancholic Choleric personality is described thus:

The melancholic-choleric is also a leader with the potential to accomplish great works. However, where the choleric-melancholic is driven by the challenge and the opportunity, the melancholic-choleric is inspired more by the nobility of the task. The introverted nature of the melancholic, combined with the focused and unempathic nature of the choleric, can result in an individual who is highly motivated by noble ideals (even humanitarian ones), but who prefers to work alone, rather than with people. The melancholic side of both temperament mixtures results in the project being organized, ethical, and high-minded, while the choleric aspect is the driving and demanding force.

If you are melancholic-choleric, you are somewhat less pragmatic (or utilitarian) than a pure choleric, just as persevering and determined, and with a greater emphasis on the ideal. Likely to be motivated by the most noble and demanding of causes, you are capable of founding a humanitarian society, composing a symphony, founding a school, or discovering a cure. You are organized, perfectionist, introspective, driven, and moody (though less so than a pure melancholic). You will be less active than a choleric-melancholic and less extraverted, more internally focused.

But your weaknesses include a tendency to excessive self-criticism and criticism of others, being dismissive or overly judgmental, exhibiting a tendency to self-absorption, and possessing an untrustful and controlling nature. You tend to be inflexible, impatient, quick tempered, can’t relax…..

STOP IT. This is not me, none of these weaknesses sound familiar to me ((O_O)) me judgemental? Inflexible? Never dat! Lol

I take comfort in the fact that i am not the only one in the universe who feels the way i do [sigh of relief]. However my epiphany would be useless if it did not make me introspect. I am a complex individual hence the melancholic-choleric with a touch of sanguine personality. It’s easy to embrace the strengths of this personality and while I cringe from the weaknesses it just tells me I have work to do. Shock horror I’m not perfect.  Yes I know you’re surprised as well. Before you judge me…take your own test here:

http://www.oneishy.com/personality/personality_test.php lol and tell me if there are any symphonies or humanitarian societies in your future 🙂


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