This Crazy Little Thing Called Life

Posted on April 23, 2010


Yea I know it’s supposed to be love but it’s my post and I can say what I want to lol. Anyway as I write this I am in a sombre mood. Found out last night that one of Nigeria’s up coming artists passed away. He had been in a car crash but reports from people who had gone to see him said that he was doing fine. So imagine my shock when I began to see status updates with RIP Da Grin. Wowie. I think his death had more of an impact on me than I would ever have imagined. It already compounded my emotions at the time as one of my friends had called less than an hour before to tell me that he had lost his dad.

So often we take life for granted. Heck we take people for granted. We say see you later and we believe that we will see them later. We hold grudges, pick sides yet nothing is promised nothing is certain.

I had loads of ideas for what I would write this week. I thought of writing about domestic violence or about chivalry being on life support or even about guys and their concept of the gold digger. However all that paled into insignificance when i considered how fleeting life could be.

My brother wrote this poem a while ago when we were going through a difficult time and it seems apt for now:

You hear sometimes the road bends in all kinds of directions
But God is always there with His guidance and protection
Skies darken and storms rage with pain and sorrow
But the sun’s coming out tomorrow

Drowning in the tempest, look up and see His hand
The raging winds still and whimper at His command
Never take your eyes off His
He will never let you fall, that is His promise

He turns a mountain into a speed bump
A speed bump into a grain of sand
When things seem to be going wrong
Relax, it’s all part of His plan

God is never caught unawares
God is never unprepared
God is never outnumbered
Man works in ways you can see, God works in wonders

God asked me to tell you
That despite your past and your failures
He loves you more than words can ever say
He’s everything you need and more, He will make a way

Ive seen this quote before but i saw it again on Miss Neefemi’s blog:

Life is short-So break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, never regret anything that made you smile and praise God always.


Moral of this story don’t hold any grudges, don’t neglect to say your ‘I love yous’ and be good to somebody today and everyday…let our lives not be in vain.

RIP Da Grin

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