When I grow up

Posted on April 9, 2010


No this is not the PCD song…it’s the soundtrack to my life. Let me explain, I’ve always been a driven person with a life plan, short, medium and long term goals. I’ve said this once I’ll prolly say it a 1000 times more I wanted to be a doctor, married with 2 kids and one on the way by age 24. I guess a clue to the faultiness of that reasoning was the fact that I also wanted to live in a house painted with crayon.

Do I have a witness though that life rarely happens the way you plan? I mean I was talking to my dad last night and he couldn’t believe I was gonna be 26 this year. Yeah Dad I can’t believe it either *eyes roll* where did all the years go?? One minute you’re in high school the next you’re an adult, playing dress up every morning and trying your best to sound intelligent. It’s a tough life I tell you, I mean some of my friends are planning and running their own businesses, some of them have kids #cue the sound of crickets…

So then I look around me and I say looks like its time for me to get married, settle down…a brief aside if you will…what does the term settle down mean? Why must you settle? And why must it be down? Yes I’m random I know, but I’ve accepted me so I encourage you to do the same.

As I was saying, so next step in the life plan looks like it’s to get married and have kids. Only problem though is as much as I love kids I can’t stand screaming, ill mannered children. You know the ones I’m talking about…yes on the bus or train or at a quiet gathering. The ones that throw tantrums, fits and food. The ones that tell their mother to shut up #once again cue crickets…

As my mother would say ‘Unless I did not give birth to you…say what you said again’ followed by ‘I brought you into this world…I can take you out’. Yes my mother has always been eloquent. That is why I am sure I was such a well behaved child, loveable and what not. It is therefore safe to assume that my offspring will be the same. However will I now have my well behaved offspring associating with above mentioned screaming kids? Here’s hoping that all my mates would have plenty monies so we can build a school and community for all our children and they can live a fulfilling well behaved life. Either that or I’m homeschooling those kids…enough said.

Point 2, when you ‘settle down’ and have kids, travelling around the world becomes a pipe dream or a very expensive nightmare…your choice. My colleague just told me that it’s gonna cost £3,500 for his family to go on holiday this year and that’s on a budget #if you’re tired of crickets, cue the sound of frogs…

Are you kinda getting my drift? I’m not saying I want to travel all over the world but I think I would like to see more of the UK for example or Africa and since I’m going all out lets throw in Europe as well. Woohoo living on the wild side yezzirrr

To summarize this gist, growing up is over rated. Its not more money more problems, it’s growing up more problems. Ah ah wasn’t it just a few [ok maybe more than a few] years ago when my biggest problem in life was the fact that my mother wanted me to wear an ‘Aunty Gimme Cake’ dress for my 10th birthday? So can somebody please tell me WHEN I started paying bills? Contemplating businesses and angling for promotions?

*Shakes my head*, guys be careful what you wish for…

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