Tweet Much Information

Posted on March 26, 2010


I don’t need to know that you just farted; I don’t need to know that you and your boyfriend just did it. There’s a name for what you have…it’s called too much information. Social media is all the rage and they all seem to ask variations of the same question: What’s on your mind? Unfortunately though people have taken this to mean literally ‘what’s really on your mind?’ the inclusion of a ‘share’ button doesn’t help either cos then not only have they typed what’s on their mind now they decide to share it.

Wisdom! Think for a second, not everything that sounds good in your head is worth sharing. If you just pause it might not sound so witty in 2 seconds but too late you’ve already pressed the send button. What a shame.

Furthermore these forums give an illusion of familiarity. So you’ve read a couple of status updates, viewed a couple of albums and suddenly you think you have me all figured out, you know me better than my own mother. Dear facebook ‘friend’ if you’re wondering why you can no longer see my pictures or send me messages its pretty much because I’ve gotten tired of reading rubbish either in my news feed or heaven forbid posted on my wall.

Let’s talk about facebook for a second. I started with social media when Hi5 was the bees knees, then it became uncool [yes all of you still sending me hi5 requests cough *loser* cough]. My friends then said facebook was where to be and fair enough they were right… until facebook caught a serious case of identity crisis and started changing its format every 3 months like somebody had told them there was a prize for that.

Disillusioned I turned to Twitter; a forum that is centred on updating your status in 140 characters or less. Alas twitter added to my confusion, how on earth was I supposed to compress all my thoughts into 140 characters? So for the most part I don’t, I just read people’s updates until I almost went blind. You see the problem with Twitter is sometimes it turns into a popularity contest. ‘How many followers have you got?

 People make their profiles public so people can follow them with ease and try to tweet interesting stuff. Herein lies the problem, I have seen graphic tweets about people’s sex lives that even an ‘instant unfollow’ didn’t cure. I’ve heard cases of people tweeting through miscarriages and surgeries…like really??

If you’re on twitter and your profile is public…google yourself. Now ask yourself if you like what you see. Twitter, facebook and social media in general are powerful tools, used in the right way the advantages are numerous. However trust me when I tell you that the world doesn’t need to know about your bodily functions or fantasies. Yep that’s right you’re telling the world. Imagine a couple of years from now or even months’, going for a job interview and your potential boss has done background research on you. It’s not far fetched, I remember before starting my current job my now boss telling me how he googled me before the interview. From facebook he knew what I looked like, from google he knew what my father did for a living and also about one of the important events in my life. Scary huh?

If that doesn’t convince you, how about a recent case I heard of a girl with a crush on a guy. She tweeted on and on about the guy, used his picture as her profile picture until somebody congratulated the guy on his new girlfriend. Yep you can tell how that story ended…

What am I saying? Before you hit that send button…pause…does what sounded good in your head still look good on your screen? Would you like to see it come up 2 months or 2 years from now?

If you want the freedom to tweet freely then consider making your profile private or using an alias. Whatever you do, tweet wisely 🙂

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