The Waste Man

Posted on March 19, 2010


Too many waste men abounding, in London speak ‘Bare waste men blad’[bare means plenty, blad means family]. The older I get the less time I have for time wasters. When you’re single guys tend to smell it and they circle around like wolves. Ok I kid, the waste men are the wolves. KMT [kiss my teeth by the way].

Bareee wastemen, why will a married man want to be best friends with a single girl? Be best friends with your wife! If a guy’s in a relationship and he’s talking to you more than he’s talking to his girl then you need to set him straight otherwise you’re in danger of being a waste girl too. Yep I said it! Women can be waste too. If you’re a female and you delight in going in after your friends’ exes then you’re a waste girl. If you like being best friends with other people’s boyfriends or husbands then you’re a waste girl.

Now girls, guys know that we are not our own best friends and wastemen thrive on that. We don’t help either, petty quarrels fighting over men that are not worth it, giving ourselves the once over….that’s a post for another day. But tell me why, you would want to date your friend’s ex why would you touch that? Ok maybe you say oh it wasn’t serious…tell me why you would date him while he was dating your friend? What’s that called? Bare WASTE.

Girls please; if you are looking for a serious relationship and a guy tells you he’s not really sure where his head is at the moment…can you please flee? If you are with a guy and he’s asking you about why your hot friend is still single and men if not for the fact that you were together he would so tap that…quietly pick up your bag and go. If you’re with a guy and girls randomly walk up to you asking what you are doing with their man…forget the stories…just keep walking and don’t look back. If your guy has a password on his phone that he refuses to share with you and his phone rings off the hook and he has to go out to answer it….its not you…its him…pack your bags.

Guys if a girl can hold your hand in private but insists on walking 5 steps in front of you in public…yea…you already know. If she wants to be with you but doesn’t want labels but she still loves you nonetheless…you’re wasting your time. If she has a password on her phone…and goes out to answer it all the time…you know those shoes you just slipped off? You can like to pick em up and go.

Here’s the thing…if you are out to have fun, go do your thing. Just don’t step on anybody’s toes. If you want to have open relationships have the cheese balls to be up front with girls. If a girl wants commitment then you need to walk away. Newsflash: Girls know when a guy is not all there in the relationship, sometimes we choose to stay knowing very well we are being silly but we know none the less.

We need integrity in today’s world. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. If you’re a fly by night kinda sturvs embrace it. Don’t pretend to be serious when you know your not. Girls if you have a penchant for other girl’s guys please don’t befriend the girls first.

Life is easy let’s not over complicate issues. If you are discovering yourself, go on and do that. When you have found yourself come back. If you are looking to explore your options there are girls looking to explore options too….go find them. Contrary to what you might think, people appreciate people that are straight up with them. Give them an option to choose…


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