Once You Kill A Cow….

Posted on March 18, 2010


……..you gotta make a burger! I’m sure that by now, you’ve all seen Lady Gaga & Honey B’s latest video; Telephone. It’s an amazing video, in my opinion. I find that there have been a lot of mixed opinions on the video, but I absolutely love it! I think it’s one of those “you either love it or you hate it” type videos……you can hardly be indifferent.

According to the director, Jonas Akerlund, the crew had to shoot as much as they could in a very, very limited time . “The idea was always to have a very stylish, a very cool jail filled with women. The whole video was shot in only two days, which is a lot of setups for what we need. So you average up to 150 setups a day,” he said. “We go from all these lip-synch parts and dance parts back to story. It goes back and forth all through.”

The fashion was amazing…..most of it isn’t stuff you can expect to wear ordinarily, but it’s all very artistic & inspiring. Someone sad “it was all over done”. I think that’s the whole point. It’s an exaggeration, and it’s all for the entertainment. No more.

The styling for the video was by Nicola Formichetti and here are some of the fashion credits:

Custom Made Outfit by Jean Charles De Castelbajac, Sunglasses by Mercura

Chains & Jumpsuit by Victor & Rolf; Cigarette Sunglasses & shoes by Haus of Gaga

Studded Jacket by Search & Destroy; Vintage Sunglasses by Chanel

Outfit by Haus of Gaga

Outfit by Thierry Mugler

Beyonce’s Outfit by Thierry Mugler

Yellow Hat & Dress by Atsuko Kudo, Sunglasses by Jeremy Scott

Telephone Hat by Fred Butler

Hat & Dress by Rache Barret; Hairpiece by Danilo

Gaga’s Outfit by Haus of Gaga, B’s by Oscar Lima

B’s Jacket & Shoes by Jean Charles De CastelBajac, Shorts by Ran Franc Fernandez & Oscar Lima

Outfit by Haus of Gaga

Hats & Outfits by Emilie Pirlot

And boy! Was I glad to see this? Can’t wait for the continuation (whatever it is)

***Photos via Nicola Formichetti’s blog




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