Me and Mr Perry

Posted on March 11, 2010


…we got a thing going on….

No, not really but I love Tyler Perry. His movies are so inspiring. His leading men are so fantastically awesome. From Adam Rodriguez to Boris Kudjo and Idris Elba they are all hotness personified…

and they all have one thing in common…..they all have 6 packs. Did you just go huh? Stay with me I’m going somewhere with this.

All of Tyler Perry’s leading men have 6 packs, perfectly formed six packs…and why not? They are perfect in every other aspect. They are sensitive and emotionally in tune with their feelings while still being very macho. They love the women and are patient with them while they work through their childhood and adult issues. For the women that have kids, the men are great with their kids. The men fight on the woman’s behalf; woo them so romantically….really the stuff that dreams are made off.

So inevitably the comparisons begin. Loll, I remember one time I was watching this movie and the guy brought flowers home to his wife. I immediately sent a text to my boyfriend at the time saying ‘Idris Elba just brought his wife flowers!’ In hindsight his reply of ‘?????????’ makes so much sense now.

However the comparisons are so easy to make. Especially when they get to that emotional scene in the movies; you know the one I’m talking about? It’s in every one of his movies with slight variations here and there. I’m talking about the scene where the woman says something horrible to the guy to push him away and he has an outburst along the lines of:

‘If only you would love yourself the way I love you!’

Cue collective sigh.

Yup we think Tyler Perry is the bees’ knees.

It made me start to think about this whole perfection business especially the 6 pack coincidence. Now a 6 pack is a many splendid thing. It’s the epitome of perfection. I should know as I am currently working towards one. Every morning I wake up and subject myself to punishment by abs roller. I started at 30 a day now I’m up to 60 and on my good days 70.

Its hard work and there are some days when I just want to lie down on the floor instead of coming up for another crunch [can I get an amen?]. A 6 pack therefore is ideal but the road to it is tedious, hard and for a long time you don’t see the results.

It’s the same with men. Yes I SAID it. Men are like 6 packs. You have to work with them. Sure the Tyler Perry man is the ideal, however to get there requires a lot of work. Sometimes it’s hard, other times its tedious and for a long time you may not see results. However if you are patient and do not give up…

You could have your very own leading man


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