#MusicMonday… GOOD MUSIC ALL DAY!!!

Posted on March 9, 2010


Hey Ladies & Gentlemen,

How’s it been hanging? Everything kool with you? I apologise for being away for so long… the kid is going through some heavy stuff BUT we shall overcome like my homegirl Louise says to me everyday!

SO what’s NEW on the Music TIP? Let’s FIND out after the JUMP…

Now MOST some of you will not know about ELZHI but that’s why I AM HERE… Member of Slum Village and one of the dopest new emcees out right NOW, I love this record!!! IT iS TOO dope and the video just dropped so ENJOY IT!!!

And Talking about dopest new emcees out right NOW, apparently the big homie BLU unleashed a somewhat new video on us for ‘Amnesia’ off of his ‘HerFavColo(u)r’ EP… Very BIG record if you ask me (the video’s been up on youtube for 6 months but we’ll go with it), catch it after the JUMP! #shoutout to 2 Dope Boyz for the discovery post up!

And I just heard that the homie, Lil Wayne finally went to jail today for his one-year stint (but he’ll be out in 8 months), I was actually starting to think that it was never gonna happen… Anyway as a parting gift, the video for ‘Drop the World’ featuring Eminem dropped a few days ago… If you haven’t seen it then you can check it out after the JUMP as per usual!

OK I can hear someone say ‘Enough with the Hip-Hop Already!!!’ Alright then, Jheeze! All you had to do was just ask by the way… Dunno what is with people these days lol!

SO How’s about something from the amazing Solange Knowles???


She blesses us with something fresh, it’s apparently a rough draft and ‘Under Construction’  >>>>>>> Many R&B records I hear lately! Gwarn Solange! FYI iHeart Solange ALL DAY! Deal with it! Oh yeah Download the record HERE!!!

And I just bumped into this new Mariah Carey remix record for ‘Ribbons’ to be on her ‘Angels Advocate’ remix album… It features The Dream & Ludacris, it’s BIG but I’ll just let you hear it + I cannot wait to hear this remix album, especially after the original album flew right over my head… After the JUMP yes?

Because I keep telling you that UK Hip-Hop is SO the BusiNess & because some of you are still NOT paying attention, I gotta rep for the good music out here… Here’s a new video from 2 Top UK emcees repping their home countries Nigeria + Ghana… Check it after the JUMP!

BIGZ + SWAY = GREAT MUSIC!!! #thatisall… OH NO not yet, I want you to feel this first!!!

… & then this!!!

GET TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW #thatisall!!!

In other news, The KING is back with a brand new single, download it HERE… Oh by the way, it’s called I’m BACK & by KING, I do mean T.I! #shoutout to the NMC for the leak… & if you don’t already have that new Drizzy Drake, well get yourself up on it HERE, it’s called ‘It’s Over’ just in case you live under a rock or something!

Until the Next Time…

Its Triple A **slowly getting back into the groove of things**

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