Posted on March 4, 2010


So, I’ve been on the run……..

I have run away from my flat at every chance I could get.  You name it, I probably have joined it: I’ve played netball on Monday evenings, been to contemporary dance lessons every Tuesday night, I joined a choir, started French classes, joined a gym, went for bible study on Wednesdays, joined the solitary guy that plays table tennis in my office on Thursday evenings; I’ve worked long hours, spending time at work till   late in the evening. My flight from my apartment wasn’t because of the x-rated stuff that occasionally happens in the living room,

It    was        just      so         I      could       have      peace    of     mind!!!

I knew I couldn’t continue this way. For one, although, I was getting fit  as a result of all the ‘social’ activities, my pockets were beginning to  show the strain of taking too much on, and also, my extracurricular activities were also beginning to tell on my work attendance and   performance- Coming in late and yawning through all my meetings was not the way to go!

There was also no point of paying for half a flat and not spending time in it. Now, don’t get me wrong, my flatmate is not such a bad person; but she just has this way of making annoying, unnecessary and in some instances, spiteful comments that tends to upset/annoy/aggravate me. So I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been chicken and have avoided contact with her with my many extracurricular activities!!

However, in some ways, time has brought understanding…..I now know why she has to behave the way she does- she falls into that class of people that  have to bring people down with their comments to feel good about themselves. So comments like:

‘I really don’t understand how you manage; I can’t imagine walking   around with so much fat stuck to my hips and thighs’

 and   ‘I could have sworn I saw that top you’re wearing on display at Oxfam   last week’  

 are just her way of feeling good! I guess she never heard that ‘if you compare yourself with others, you will become either vain or bitter cause there will always be someone greater or lesser than yourself’. I would admit that I spent days asking God why I had to be the person used for comparison and then it came to me: this was my test, my battlefield, my Goliath! And while I was tempted to pick up five smooth stones and use one on her rather large forehead, I bided my time and waited for the opportune moment. This moment came one Tuesday morning.

   ‘I think you should get a girdle for your thighs, so they wouldn’t look   so large’;

 I replied,   ‘Now You Listen, you need to stop with all these hateful comments about my body, I’m happy with the way I am and I do not appreciate the comments you persist in making about my size’, 

 ‘I never put you down as a hateful person but most of your comments have really been hurtful’!!

 I done told her!! She wasn’t expecting it! You could tell by her face that my two stones had hit hard! Sound the alarm!! I won!! Now, although I was tempted, I didn’t cut off her head; rather I just gathered up my things and left for work.

Looks like I will not be needing Tuesday’s dance class after all…


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