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Tweet Much Information

March 26, 2010


I don’t need to know that you just farted; I don’t need to know that you and your boyfriend just did it. There’s a name for what you have…it’s called too much information. Social media is all the rage and they all seem to ask variations of the same question: What’s on your mind? Unfortunately […]

SAINT NICOLAS – revisiting the archives

March 26, 2010


This article is as valid today as it was 4 years ago when it was initially written. Give me a couture dress for every time I refer to Balenciaga and I will eclipse Daphne Guinness. BALENCIAGA… could there possibly have been a better heir? Enter Nicolas Ghesquière, our modern day alchemist, everything he touches turns […]

Coming Soon… To A Radio Near YOU!!!

March 23, 2010


Hey ALL… Here’s ANOTHER quick post to share with you just so you are up on all that new music from the last few days… So when/if these get on the radio, you can actually say you’ve got that or you’ve heard this or whatever really cool rhetoric you wanna go with… Like I said […]

The Waste Man

March 19, 2010


Too many waste men abounding, in London speak ‘Bare waste men blad’[bare means plenty, blad means family]. The older I get the less time I have for time wasters. When you’re single guys tend to smell it and they circle around like wolves. Ok I kid, the waste men are the wolves. KMT [kiss my […]

Once You Kill A Cow….

March 18, 2010


…… gotta make a burger! I’m sure that by now, you’ve all seen Lady Gaga & Honey B’s latest video; Telephone. It’s an amazing video, in my opinion. I find that there have been a lot of mixed opinions on the video, but I absolutely love it! I think it’s one of those “you either […]

#MusicMonday… The WEEK in Music!

March 15, 2010


HEY ALL… This is gonna be a real quick one from me today! I do apologise as I am afraid this is kinda how it’s gonna be up until June… If I still have a job here by then that is… Nah seriously though, I will NOT be back to my music-blogging best until after […]

Me and Mr Perry

March 11, 2010


…we got a thing going on…. No, not really but I love Tyler Perry. His movies are so inspiring. His leading men are so fantastically awesome. From Adam Rodriguez to Boris Kudjo and Idris Elba they are all hotness personified… and they all have one thing in common…..they all have 6 packs. Did you just […]