Valentine Day Massacre

Posted on February 19, 2010


After all the cake has been consumed and all the gifts, “I love yous” and bodily fluids have been exchanged how do most people really feel after Valentines Day?

February is a month of expenses, nowadays Valentines Day which was designed to be a celebration of love is now just known for accumulation of expenses. If you’re in a relationship, you are aware that your partner expects you to do something and you’re anticipating that she will too, so you go shopping for gifts out of compulsion and peer pressure and not necessarily out of a spirit of love as the day implies.

Is the true spirit of Valentine really dead?

The commercialization of this holiday is just an indication of the commercialization of Love itself.

Do people take the time to share moments, to just spend time with each other and enjoy each others company and bond?

Our generation is so fast paced, and money oriented that relationships are built on money, convenience and sex. Once any of these elements is gone, the relationship crumbles and it signifies the end.

Its good to want to be comfortable but that shouldn’t be the basis for a relationship; we are all familiar with the phrase: the best things in life are free. This will always be true; the things that give you lasting happiness won’t cost you a dime.

When I read about the old type of Love, Shakespearean love etc I realize it’s a far cry from what is around us now. “Love” is derived from Money, Convenience and Sex. Today’s love is Uncompromising, selfish, self centered and proud, totally contrary to the definition of love.

A lot of people slander the name of Love and even made derogatory remarks about cupid, for example:

“I hope Cupid gets shot in the club tonite

Stupid naked baby with a bow n arrow..I hope you get molested…”


This is just one of the jokes, and as funny as this may seem…lol…the underlying thought shows a disdain for love and disrespect for love. Cupid is not to blame and neither is Love, we are the ones to blame for taking Loves name in vain, calling any emotion love because it feels stronger than like, using the word for emotional blackmail or to suit our own selfish purposes.

I think there should be a criminal sentence tied to improper use of the word, that’s the only way to regain some of its integrity, but I fear the damage to word “love” and all it represents is irreparable. What worries me is the fact that this world and lifestyle we’re creating, we’re going to leave to our kids one day and what example can we have to set for them, how will they know the noble origins of Love if all we have to show them is our miserable excuses for relationships based on Money, Sex and Convenience.

We need to love the things ABOUT a person and not the things AROUND a person.

We need to rediscover Love, that old Love, the original love…the kind that made men write poems and love letters about a woman’s eyes and not her thighs, the type that made a woman fall in love with a mans voice and not his Rolls Royce. That Romeo and Juliet kind of love that burned even hotter in the face of adversity.

Money will never replace love, and words can’t make up for time lost, let’s not waste our youth “loving” for the wrong reasons, attaching a price to our hearts, commercializing what was made to be priceless.




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