My Rose Tinted Glasses And I

Posted on February 5, 2010


I’m kinda old-fashioned when it comes to love, romance and dating. I do have to warn at this point that a lot of people may not get where I’m   coming from, but please, let me say my piece. I do feel sometimes that the world moved on when I was sleeping! Let me  explain….I’m a firm believer that when it comes to dating, men should do   the chasing/ approaching the ladies, while the womenfolk lap up all the  attention, appreciate and respond appropriately to the chase with either  ‘come hither’ eyes, ‘thanks, but no thanks’ and ‘Get behind me! God has good plans for my life’ (a comment reserved SPECIFICALLY for pimps,   players and other crazy men folk)!

   But in recent times, there has emerged this new super breed of women who   do not want or wait to be chased but rather strategize on how to get their target’s attention and then follow that strategy up with   intricate, yet detailed plans and weird manoeuvres like drive-bys,   stalking and the occasional, ‘Thank goodness, you were there to catch me   when I slipped, (with eyelashes fluttering) How could I ever thank you’!   These ladies are also not interested in finding out if their said target   is in a relationship or not, rather they adopt a ‘What I want, I get’   attitude and proceed to chase their target with every fibre of their   being! They also don’t have a moral compass or a ‘shame’ bone, so   there’s really no hope that they will suddenly come to their senses and   start behaving properly. Another thing to note about these ladies-they   don’t travel alone- they come in a posse; united with one aim and one   purpose- to get a man at ANY cost!

 What am I trying to say? Women are now taking a bold and in some cases,   downright ferocious approach to dating! I think someone has finally   circulated the memo about the reduction in the number of available men  and the large and steadily increasing number of single, unattached women (true stats!) in the  world. So now, ladies are prepared to do any and every thing to hook/get   their man before the supply runs out!

 Therefore the whole dating process leading up to love, relationships and   sometimes, marriage has become a tad too deceitful. People have become   actors in dating and relationships- and most times they are willing to act out their parts loyally and with fanatic commitment until they get their just rewards: MARRIAGE!!!

I think that’s why people get up one morning and wonder, ‘Who is this person I married?’ He doesn’t   act the same way he used to when we were dating… I mean, he didn’t swear, didn’t drink, wasn’t shady but all of a sudden, he’s all these things and more! Now ladies are also not exempt from this behaviour   pattern, because, some times, we willingly and readily wear our robes and become Mother Theresa, who can do no wrong, eager to impress and to please, and then once the rings are on the right finger, we can’t be bothered any more!

Therefore this could be called a caveat to the fact that love can’t be blind anymore. What you see most times isn’t what you get; a lot of wolves have invested in some sheep clothes and can even be found in   your local church…

 Now don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with the whole concept of love! I love the stirrings of first love; I get excited by the innocence of young love. I’m moved by love that has passed the test of time- seen   in the faces of elderly couples who still do the simple, yet wonderful   things like hold hands and gaze at each other tenderly.   But, at the same time, I want, and I’m sure others desire this as well, love to be truthful, dependable, trustworthy, and reliable. I want to give my heart and know it wouldn’t be taken for granted. And most   importantly, I don’t want to fall in love with a lie!


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