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Valentine Day Massacre

February 19, 2010


After all the cake has been consumed and all the gifts, “I love yous” and bodily fluids have been exchanged how do most people really feel after Valentines Day? February is a month of expenses, nowadays Valentines Day which was designed to be a celebration of love is now just known for accumulation of expenses. If […]


February 17, 2010


L’enfant terrible show is over.              [After being awarded his CBE] Much has been said and written about him in the past week, you may remember him for those ubiquitous skull scarves; I remember him for his wildness and fantasy. I think of him and feel like Alice falling through the rabbit hole into the […]

#MusicMonday… R.I.P BIG L!!!

February 16, 2010


Nothing in Music is or should be more relevant than this today! #sueme Today marks the 11th Anniversary of the death of Lamont Coleman better known as BIG L, arguably one of the most skilled Emcees to ever hold a MIC… We at OffBeat pay homage to the Late Great Big L and we do […]

With a little help from my friends

February 10, 2010


Following on from why we dress and the thought process behind our choices, I went back into the archives and with a little help from these noughties sirens; I put us into their lives. As an avid fan of the show, looking beyond the obvious sexual content, their wardrobes have always intrigued me as it […]

My Rose Tinted Glasses And I

February 5, 2010


I’m kinda old-fashioned when it comes to love, romance and dating. I do have to warn at this point that a lot of people may not get where I’m   coming from, but please, let me say my piece. I do feel sometimes that the world moved on when I was sleeping! Let me  explain….I’m a […]

The Ultimate Chronograph

February 3, 2010


Quick question: What is the difference between a ‘Time piece or Instrument’ and a ‘Watch’? One is merely for telling the time, a feat that can also be achieved by gazing at the position of the sun. The other adds value, complements a power suit and ultimately makes a bold statement; ‘I am here and […]

#MusicMonday… The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards

February 2, 2010


So last night (January 31st, 2010), 25.8 Million viewers tuned in to catch the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them SO I won’t bore you with the frivolous details… However, what you should know is that Beyonce came through and CRUSHED the building by winning a female record 0f 6 Grammy […]