#MusicMonday… New Year New Music!!!

Posted on January 12, 2010


Happy New Year Ladies & Gentlemen…

Sade - Soldier of Love

How’s the New Year treating ya? It’s all about the Snow around here so far this year BUT yeah anyway 11 days into 2010 and Sade Adu makes it so that we cannot wait for February 8th to come by blessing us with the video for her 1st Single ‘Soldier of Love’ off of the Album of the same name, set for UK release in a few weeks (February 8th!!!)… If you haven’t already heard the record, wait for the JUMP…

Check out the really really good video over at PunchBowlBlog!!!

In other news, after Ms. Toni Braxton got her Trey Songz on, I guess it was time for the incomparable Mariah Carey to duet with Mr. Songz… The song is titled ‘Inseperable’ and it is off of her soon-to-be-released remix album aptly titled ‘ Angels Advocate’

OffBeat EDIT – Is Trey Songz the NEW GO-TO-GUY for some serious R&B fire???

OK I dunno if you have heard it yet or NOT but the Mighty Mystro decided to do a 2009 Rap-Up UK Version with Black Einstein lacing MysDiggi with a soulful musical backdrop… The record’s been blowing up SO MUCH over the last few weeks that he decided to shoot a video to the heavvyyy track! Check it here…


While we’re talking about UK movements, Chip diddy Chip aka Chipmunk dropped a mixtape last night ‘For the Fun of It’ and typically I wouldn’t really care for it BUT after homie went on SBTV and retired a few emcees with this freestyle…

… I so HAD to check out the mixtape & to be perfectly honest, it’s quite GOOD so yeah Download your copy HERE!!!

& Guess who’s back (again) with some new Music for 010???

Christina Milian & The Dream

Its Christina Milan with her new Hubby Dream & the track’s titled ‘Welcome to Vegas’… Check it out & lemme know your thoughts OK!

Yup! FINALLY I get some new music from Mr. Ryan Leslie… I actually got 2 new Ryan Leslie records BUT I’m only gonna share one with you today, it’s titled ‘Tonight’… I dunno how I feel about this one BUT its Ryan though, it oozes with Great Production as per usual!

What do you reckon?

Marsha Ambrosius

OK I should stop NOW before this gets too long… BUT as parting gifts, you should check out Omarion’s new video for ‘Speedin‘ & I just heard it through the Grapevine (LOL Nah #shoutout 2 SOulCulture for the news) that Marsha Ambrosius (Ex-Floetry/All-Round AMAZING Singer/Song-Writer/Wrote a record 4 Michael Jackson? Yeah that Marsha!) is now signed to Clive Davies’ J Records… The Album SOON Come (iLoveIt!)

Until the Next Time…

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