The OffBeat 25… Part III – The top 5 Albums of the Decade!!!

Posted on January 2, 2010


So its finally here yeah… Why did it take so LONG though? Asides the fact that I’m a lazy writer and my editor is NOT in the Country to kick me into gear? Erm…

The top 5 Albums of the last Decade… & If you missed our top 25 – 6, you can check them out HERE & then HERE! (Now that you’ve acquainted yourselves with our list)… Let’s GO in!

5. Madvillain – Madvillainy (2004)

Madvillain - Madvillainy

The love-child of the union between MF DOOM & Madlib (Madvillain), 2004’s ‘Madvillainy’ may NOT be an album you’ll readily know or have heard BUT billed as one of the most anticipated underground hip-hop albums at the time & now an indie CLASSIC, its 22-short tracks forever changed & transcend the inventive nature of hip-hop… Granted, after that first listen, you are kinda left confused, ok NOT so much confused as a feeling of being left behind BUT after a couple spins, you will NOT wanna take thsi record off ‘PLAY’ & you can quote me on that!

4. Arcade Fire – Funeral (2004)

Arcade Fire - Funeral

The debut album from Canadian Indie-Rock band Arcade Fire… 48-odd minutes/10-track record ‘Funeral’ is NOT just an album about death (or loss), it’s so much more than that… Death being one of the overriding themes on the album, it also speaks about love, pain (& overcoming that pain) and largely about family and not in a ‘we all have em’ kinda way but in a greater and supportive communal sense. ‘Funeral’ is heart-breaking BUT also life-affirming & somehow euphoric (I dunno how BUT it just is!)… All in all, it’s an emotional record & a very very very EXCELLENT one at that… You don’t have to take my word for it, look for it and listen to it! All I know is, this is one of the best records I’ve ever listened to if I’m being quite honest here.

3. The Strokes – Is This It (2001)

The Strokes - Is This It

I don’t like The Strokes but over 8 years, I’ve grown to appreciate them and no matter how hard I try, there’s NO shaking off the perfection that is ‘Is This It’… The group’s 11-track debut album which lasts little over 35 minutes was/is melodic garage rock at its very best… BUT let’s take a side detour and talk about what this album did for mainstream music & popular culture for a few lines. Without this album, there’d be NO Franz Ferdinand, NO Kings of Leon, NO Arctic Monkeys, NO Libertines & the list just goes on… It single-handedly put ‘alternative’ music in the UK charts for all of the decade… & now back to talking about what this album is. Great attention to detail, Heartfelt emotion, Perfect Guitar arrangements, Exciting, Countlessly listenable…

2. Jay-Z – The Blueprint (2001)

Jay-Z - The Blueprint

Is ‘Blueprint’ the best Hip-Hop album of the decade? YES it is! Not only is it the best Hip-Hop album of the last 10 years, it is my favourite album of the last 10 years. He said back then in 01′ & I quote ‘If I ain’t better than BIG, I’m the closest one’ & Now, I dare you to want to contest that statement. Forget what you heard because ‘The Blueprint’ is one hell of a MASTERPIECE and if you and your bush-wacker friends don’t like where it is on this list, y’all can go ahead & RIOT!!! SO… Let the RIOTING begin lol!

1. Radiohead – Kid A (2000)

Radiohead - Kid A

If you know anything about music in the last decade then you already knew this was how this list was gonna end OR you would have had a slight inclination. Surely?… Who would have thought that the Album of the Decade would be released10 months into the start of the Century? Everybody else had 9 odd years to come up with something better & if you’re being completely honest with yourselves, nobody came close! If you haven’t heard this record and you pride yourself in being a music-lover then you owe it to yourself to go and listen to ‘Kid A’ at least once!

SO there you have it… The BEST of the very BEST albums of the last TEN years! We’ve aimed and to a large extent succeeded in being as OBJECTIVE and COMPREHENSIVE as possible in making this list, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and YES you may NOT agree with a FEW of the entries, only a FEW though BUT in my eyes, the fact will remain that this list is as TRUE a reflection of Music’s very BEST bodies of work over the last 10 years as you will find PERIOD.

Until the Next Time…


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