Designer Crush: BANTU

Posted on December 2, 2009


BANTU is Africa Remixed:

“The Bantu concept is an ecology of mind. In a world where the ecological wisdoms of indigenous groups vary from members of the industrialized world, Bantu serves as the gateway harvesting relationships between a multitude of cultural, spiritual, and natural worlds. The Bantu line is cultivated from the original source of African fashion, the wax cloth.  Juxtaposing indigenous prints with modern western beachwear is a revolutionary concept. Historically Dutch traders introduced the wax cloth to Africa as in parts of Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean. Although the colors and styles of the prints change constantly, one thing remains the same. Today the wax cloth is a vital aspect of African culture.”

Bantu offers Swim/beach wear for both men and women. I love their modern take on the African fabric . . . . and their designs are so so wearable. It’s available in some of the Barneys stores, and in other stores  – in parts of New York, California, & Florida. You can also get it in parts of Africa [I believe]. Check out their WEBSITE for more information.



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