25. From The F Word.

Posted on November 25, 2009


In the spirit of “25” . . . . .The F Word is bringing you a mix of 25 beauty and wardrobe essentials [according to me & in no particular order] . . . . enjoy!

1. Dangerously high heels

2. A Timeless Classic: The LBD

3. Lip color

4. Mascara

5. A pair of good jeans

6. Ladies . . . wash your face every night – whether you have bad skin or not! [be sure to clean all make-up too]

7. A crisp white shirt

8. A hot handbag. [Actually I’ll say 2 or more, lol – but please don’t kill yourself for designer ones if you can’t afford em! There are lovely affordable bags out there :p]

9. Comfy [but stylish] flats . . . sometimes heels are just not it.

10. A strapless bra with good support [Em….visible straps, most of the time, are so unattractive]

11. Moisturizer [with SPF even better – and I mean face moisturizer, I know everyone already uses body lotion :p. Many people are of the misconception that if you have oily skin you don’t need to moisturize your face. Well, you do! You can find a light moisturizer or the ones specially made for oily skin – this goes for guys too]

12. Lip Moisturizer [Lipgloss is great! But I’ll opt for one with moisturizer or just go for a lip moisturizer esp. during winter/harmattan]

13. Perfume [A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future– Coco Chanel]

14. A good trench coat [em not for my sisters in West Africa please :p . . . I’ve seen people wear some thick ass coats though when it rains in Lagos LOL]

15. Fun tees [for ‘easy like sunday morning’ days or days when you just don’t give a hoot!]

16. A nice blazer [for dressing up or down]

17. Fruits & Vegetables [Oui! Oui! They really are good for your body & skin]18. WATER [Tried & Tested! Drinking more water & less sugar improves the appearance of your skin.]

19. Jewelry. [Wear a lot. Wear a little. Just own some jewelry please!]

20. Basic tank tops

21. A nice clutch purse

22. A pair of nice dark pants [Black…maybe dark grey]

23. Black Pumps

24. A cute umbrella [I mean it!]

25. And last but not least . . . . SWAGGER. Hehhe. I’m serious. You can wear all the right things, and still not look good because of the lack of it. So please, get your swagger on :p

Ooookay! That makes 25. If there’s anything else, it’ll come in a later post. Hope you enjoyed it.



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