The Weirdest.

Posted on November 11, 2009


Umm. As we all know, fashion goes beyond quirky to outright ‘weird’ sometimes. Or well, what someone else considers high fashion, you might consider weird. Here are some of my favorite weird fashion photos, compiled from various sources. Enjoy!

55828682 Emm. via

fashion_police_851983042I’ll rather wear my breakfast. via

68eec_mariondiorshoesSexy shoes. Lol. via

weird-fashion-01Bondage? via

Just plain WEIRD“Alternative” Fashion Week – NYC. via

high-heeled-sandals-with-killer-thorns_2263Killer heels. Literally. via

weird-japan-017I love Japanese street fashion but I dunno about this one. via

weird+fashionThis one actually makes me smile. Don’t ask. via


winkers-pants-that-winkI got my ‘eyes’ on you. via

And of course, you can hardly mention ‘weird fashion’ without talking about a woman I have great respect for, the Queen of Weird, Gaga herself:

z202413828z202442472z202447493z202462880All via

That’s it from me for now.



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