#MusicMonday… Bo Aso Lara MI!!!

Posted on November 9, 2009


For some of us, the Yoruba phrase ‘Bo Asa Lara Mi’ means & quite literally so ‘Take Off My Clothes’ but in 2009, that phrase has been synoymous with only ONE thing & you can go ahead & ask Google if you want BUT this is probably what they’ll tell you… MTV BASE UK Top 10 Hit…

– May7ven – Bo Aso Lara Mi

**OffBeat SideNote – I’d GIVE anything to swap places with that fella in the video**

Allow me to introduce (if you don’t already know but if you do then consider this a ‘sharing’) you to May7ven (pronounced May Seven), the multi-talented singer-songwriter-dancer- performer extraordinaire-producer-label exec AKA ‘Is there anything this woman CANNOT do’ & also the self-proclaimed Queen of ‘AFR&B’, which she describes as her own distinctive style of music, fashion & performance… It’s a blend of Funk, R&B, Pop with some Africanization (if that’s a word)


I first heard May7ven in 2007 (check out the lil rhyme yo lol!), on her debut single ‘Hands Up’ which went on to be a TOP 10 record on MTV Base UK, Europe & eventually Africa & I remember watching that video thinking ‘Who is this DIME-PIECE?’… Let’s be honest, She IS TOO BUFF plus she can hold down that dance floor and all! I was well impressed

– May7ven – Hands Up

**OffBeat SideNote… That bouncer in the video = Typical London Bouncers AKA DICKHEADS mate! LOL**

BUT Alas I digress… YES, May7ven… She’s really something. I think she’s an amazing singer and especially on ‘Take Off My Clothes’ which is/was the original song offering with the hook re-done in Yoruba to create ‘Bo Aso Lara Mi’ (just some trivia for you guys), she really shows off some of her singing abilities… & she sat down with the gorgeous Liz Yemoja a few weeks ago & this is some of what they talked about…

– Liz & May Part 1

– Liz & May Part 2

May7ven is currently working on her debut album which I cannot wait to hear, her people sent me an R&B ballad titled ‘No One’ just the other day & it’s an extremely amazing record IMO… Her vocal presence on that record just blows me away everytime so just incase you thought she was a one-trick pony with the Pop/Dance records, you’d be sadly mistaken… There’s just a colossus of talent bursting outta this woman! I think you can check it out on her Myspace Page!

You should also follow this 10-year veteran on her twitter & can I just say, she isn’t one of them boujie artistes yeah that don’t reply when you chat to them, she is pretty much one of the COOLEST people ever… I mean, both of her videos to date have charted on MTV BASE & numerous other charts in Europe & Africa, She’s a Label Exec, She’s owns her own publishing company & has got loads more stuff going on, yet she’ll still conversate with any & everyone & then you have some ‘ANY oh cos I can sing, I think I’m the bees knees’ artistes that haven’t accomplished anything in their careers being all diva-ish, OH PLEASE! Sorry I went on a little tangent there (little, he says lol!)

The moral of this story? May7ven is one to watch & we highly recommend that you put her on your radar because 2010 is HER, you watch! Oh did I mention that I met her once before? Yeah… back in erm July I think it was, at Marvyn Harrison’s ‘Sunday Show’… SHE IS THE BIZINESS!!!

Anyway that’s all from me today, see you next week!

Until the Next Time,

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