Bang! Bang! (My baby shot me down)

Posted on November 4, 2009


Over the last 3 weeks, the savvy among you will have noticed that we’ve built quite the battle gear. Trench coat to ward off the rain & storms, shoes to march towards world peace, a bag doubling as a concealed weapon, it’s only fair that to wrap it up, the armour is complete.

You really did not think we’d send you away without a mighty source of attack, after all the fabulous defensive gear we’ve gathered thus far. It’s tiny, it’s lethal, it may not be an item of clothing, but it has the potential to do more damage than the rest of your armour combined.

Think, what does every soldier worth his boots have in endless supply? Without it, the khaki, the boots… they’re pretty ineffective….are you thinking? *drum roll*


Intro 2

Remind you of anything?


[These, perhaps?]

A lot of power resides in the mouth, be it the power to bless or curse, or just the power of seduction – while some are naturally blessed, a few of us could do with some colour injection to hypnotise the unsuspecting.

Lip colour is definitely not new, having been around for over 5000 years. Early Babylonian women created lipstick by crushing semi-precious stones and applying them to the lips. Egyptian women were also said to have achieved lip colour through other dodgy means and the ever foxy Cleopatra is believed to have achieved her red lips by crushing carmine beetles, red ants and applying the mixture to her lip. [If any group of people should know about battle and power, it would be the Babylonian and Egyptian empire so this is the power league right here]


Obviously those early Babylonians and Egyptians were on to something, red lips are synonymous with sexy, an instant va va voom, and as if a perfect marriage, your little bullet fits perfectly into one of the secret compartments of the Chanel 2.55, our choice of bag to keep our army supplies.

For maximum intensity, colour in your lips with red lipliner first and then finish with the red lipstick, pow!


Post WW3 with Chris Brown, well she’s been looking more battle ready, wethinks she may have been reading *ahem* glamtings

BULLET CLASSIFICATION: [These are general shades;  obviously there are various shades for different skin tones]


[L-R Chanel Rouge Allure £21.50, Rouge Dior Replenishing Colour £21]


[L-R Clinique £14, MAC £12, Elizabeth Arden £10.50]

3[L-R Maybelline Colour Sensational £6.84, Rimmel Moisture Renew £5.99]


[L-R Bourjois Sweet Kiss £5.82, Revlon Superlustrous £5.13]


……and these, friends, are your tools for survival, go forth & conquer


Signed, E.

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