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Here Come the Boys

November 27, 2009


In contemplating the name of this piece I actually toyed [excuse the pun] with calling it ‘the advent of the toy boy’ or is ‘age really nothing but a number? Before I get ahead of myself let me explain my oftentimes very random thought process. Right so if you’re like me you watched the stunning […]

25. From The F Word.

November 25, 2009


In the spirit of “25” . . . . .The F Word is bringing you a mix of 25 beauty and wardrobe essentials [according to me & in no particular order] . . . . enjoy! 1. Dangerously high heels 2. A Timeless Classic: The LBD 3. Lip color 4. Mascara 5. A pair of […]

#MusicMonday – The OffBeat 25… Part One

November 23, 2009


So last week, my Editor sorta told me that GlamTings are doing an erm… ’25 fav things’ type special editorial… I dunno… 2 commiserate us being 25? I dunno lol! Anyway so she asks me to do a top-25 songs list or something like that & in my head, I go ‘Pardon Me’, the exact […]

These are a few of my favourite things….

November 20, 2009


Still basking in the after glow of my 25th birthday i’ve decided to put together 25 things guaranteed to bring a smile to my face :-). This is not a conclusive list mind, but please drop a comment if you agree with any of the 25 or perhaps want to share with me a couple […]

The Weirdest.

November 11, 2009


Umm. As we all know, fashion goes beyond quirky to outright ‘weird’ sometimes. Or well, what someone else considers high fashion, you might consider weird. Here are some of my favorite weird fashion photos, compiled from various sources. Enjoy! Emm. via I’ll rather wear my breakfast. via Sexy shoes. Lol. via Bondage? via “Alternative” Fashion […]

#MusicMonday… Bo Aso Lara MI!!!

November 9, 2009


For some of us, the Yoruba phrase ‘Bo Asa Lara Mi’ means & quite literally so ‘Take Off My Clothes’ but in 2009, that phrase has been synoymous with only ONE thing & you can go ahead & ask Google if you want BUT this is probably what they’ll tell you… MTV BASE UK Top […]

Bang! Bang! (My baby shot me down)

November 4, 2009


Over the last 3 weeks, the savvy among you will have noticed that we’ve built quite the battle gear. Trench coat to ward off the rain & storms, shoes to march towards world peace, a bag doubling as a concealed weapon, it’s only fair that to wrap it up, the armour is complete. You really […]