Growing Up

Posted on October 30, 2009


‘’Time and Tide wait for no man’’…I read that in high school and it rang true then and still rings true now. Whether we like it or not time is ticking…days roll into weeks, weeks into months, months into years. I wish I could bury my head in the sand like an ostrich or like a child…clap my hands on my eyes believing that if I cant see time, time cant see me…it would be a pointless exercise.



My impending [lol] 25th birthday this year is causing me to do a lot of reflection. Ooooh where did all the years go? I still remember being 10, sitting in class writing an essay on ‘’What I want to be when I grow up’’. 15 years down the line, I am not a medical doctor, neither did I get married at the age of 24 [an age that seemed so far away back then] and no I do not live in a house painted with crayon.


However in reflecting, by the time I will be 25 I would have had a BSc. in Mass Communication, an MSc. In Marketing and work experience in Marketing Strategy. I would have been living on my own and like a true adult…paying rent and bills. If that is not a reason to be grateful, I don’t know what is. All of the above blessings I have just listed are blessings which have already come to me in my 24th year. Therefore at this point I am looking forward with great expectation to the future…narrowing it down…to my 25th year…a year that can only hold more blessings.



However one thing I have learnt over the last couple of years is the value of improving my circle of friends. To free myself from those friends who seem to delight themselves in going round and round in circles and dragging you along with them. Or the ones whose favourite past time is discussing or analyzing people’s love lives [what’s shocking is its not just girls but guys too].



Some of the best times I have spent over the last couple of years in retrospect have been with great friends around a coffee table discussing future plans. No not marriage plans, there is more to life than that you know [shock, horror! Did she just say that?]. Uhm yes I did. Marriage plans are good don’t get me wrong but what will you and your life partner eat? How will your children go to school? I’m all for growing together, hustling together but with a dream in focus, running with a clear vision. Nothing beats having a partner who has the same drive and ambition as you do.

Continuing with my improving the circle of friends’dialogue, your vision is not caught having random conversations over people’s face book pages or discussing high school or college gist. I wonder if Sir Alan Sugar, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet spend time discussing who Bill Gates is toasting or if Obama dyes his hair….



If we say then that we want to build empires like our mentors, why do we not emulate their example? Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to unwind sometimes with a good natter. However if you spend more time nattering than actually making progress, can u claim to be disappointed or surprised when those dreams are not achieved?

For my friends and I who are looking for that career path, if I’ve learned anything this week its that when you have a dream that is God given, even when you want to let go of that dream, the dream wont let go of you. Many times its easy to get discouraged when nothing seems to be working or when our ‘plans’ are not working the way we want them too. However I had an epiphany this week. Since I left university my dream has been to have my own marketing consultancy by the age of 30. Sometimes when I say it I believe it with all my heart, other times I say it but circumstances say otherwise. I’ve never really known what I would like to consult in, I’ve toyed with client service, branding….



However looking back on my work experience I’ve found that even though I keep applying to big multi national companies I keep getting ‘stuck’ in SMEs. I can’t knock it though as I’ve probably learnt more working for these SMEs than if I was working in a multi national company. So this week I got to thinking…especially as I am looking ahead to my future as well as believing in a God that orders my steps and who never does anything by accident…could it be? Are all these experiences preparing me for the future that God is planning for me? I don’t know, but what I do know is that my theme for my 25th year is ‘’Get Excited’’ lol. Only good things can happen!


If it seems like you want to go in one direction and life keeps taking you in another, if you’ve committed your life to God then just go with the flow. He knows best, plus He’s the One who put those desires in your heart. That overwhelming desire to be better, to do better, to achieve more…those HUGE dreams that scare even you; you didn’t conceive those dreams on your own…God put them in your heart. So quit trying to go it alone!




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