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Posted on October 26, 2009


So I’ve just been going through my daily blog run and I had just been on the first blog, (the ever so infectious Punch Bowl Blog) would you believe & I noticed that H-Town & Jodeci have a video out for a song called ‘Knocking Your Heels’ or was it H-Town featuring Jodeci? Yeah that’s what it was… OK Allow me not only A LATE PASS because apparently this song has been out for a good few weeks now BUT also a moment here please to say, WOW! Talk about Quite while you’re ahead… OR apparently NOT! But anyway here’s the video for your viewing pleasure…

I should say that on paper, this is a collaboration made in R&B Heaven but really ain’t this just what? Over a decade rather late? I dunno, that’s jus what I think… BUT yeah! So H-town are back & so are Jodeci (after a 13-year hiatus on Jodeci’s part)…

Erm IS it me or is Mr. Dalvin looking like a right crack-head in this video (circa 0.04 – 0.09)??? Although he looks normal again with the shades & hat on (lol) & that H-Town fella who takes the first verse? Shazam, his name is, doesn’t sound particularly good OR is that just me too?? Although in the latter parts of the song, he gets to show us why H-Town are legends in the R&B world… On a side note though, K-Ci is still the BUSINESS any day of the week and the other half of H-Town (third verse) sounds really GOOD but for what it should be… for everything this song should be, it really is quite the disappointment… Like I always say, it’s all in the name (ok I don’t usually but it works on this occasion) so erm… Knocking your Heels? Knockin Da Boots? Talk about originality mate! GOSH! Sipping out the nostrils & the ear holes on that one, don’t you think?

NOW I am all up for a H-TOWN & JODECI comeback as the next 80’s baby BUT I really wanna know what the plan here is… Because if it’s to dole out mediocre R&B records such as this in the hopes that 90’s R&B lovers & die hard fans will lap it up then someone somewhere is quite rightly mistaken & easily so! It’s 2009 & like that man Jay-Z said, ‘We’re ON to the NEXT one!’

It’s NOT all BAd news however, H-Town also have this record out called ‘Call Me Mr. Pac-Man’ (all the pun intended) which has been out for donkey months now (insert your late pass here), download it HERE cos I can actually fux with this one.

**OffBeat PAUSE-WORTHY Moment = Does he really say ‘yummy yummy yum yum’ on that Pac-Man song?’ SNM**

& while the likes of H-Town & Jodeci struggle to make a come-back into a world that has evolved a million times over… We @ OFFBEAT are completely hooked and utterly marveled at the quality of music that continuously flies under the radar, it’s just shocking!!!

To this effect, allow me to introduce you to one of the best male vocal performers I’ve heard in a long long time (best outta the UK for a minute)…

His name? Daley… ENJOY

– Daley – Rainy Day

I would give you some more music BUT I like to make you beg for it… or you could just ask Google, that works too lol! All I am saying is remember his Name… Daley & YES you probably heard it here first so BLAOW! Hope you liked it though ladies & gentlemen!

P.S I actually saw this amazing talent live about two weeks ago at a lil intimate gig in Central London & I’d implore you to check out his myspace for any future gigs because he really brings it HARD!!!

In other news, we gather that Mary J. Blige’s ‘I Can See in Color’ has replaced Mariah Carey’s ‘100%’ as the theme of Lee Daniel’s film titled ‘Precious’… Check out the strong contender for next year’s Oscar nomination for Best Original Song after the jump.

– Mary J. Blige – I Can See in Color

What can I say? It’s a very very good song from the Queen of R&B! Home-girl’s singing her heart out on this one & I absolutely love it!!! Check out the trailer for the Lee Daniels movie ‘Precious’ to be released on the 6th of November, that’s based on the 1996 Novel titled ‘Push‘ as written by Sapphire… really gripping stuff, I should add.

Well Mariah Carey can take some solace in the very stellar acting performance she gives in Precious as she starrs alongside lead actress Gabourey Sidibe, Mo’Nique, Paula Patton & Lenny Kravitz… Talking about Paula Patton though, the very beautiful Paula Patton, who is by the way Robin Thicke’s ‘Mrs’…

Paula Patton 2

Paula Patton

The Next Halle Berry? As asked by GIANT Magazine

OffBeat – BOIIII!!!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did

Until the NEXT Time…

Peace, Love & Music

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