I didn’t know my own strength:

Posted on October 22, 2009


The X factor on Saturday saw Whitney Houston advising the contestants on their song choices. However with one particular contestant she was just a bit reticent as the song he was planning to sing was one she said was very close to her heart. The song of course was ‘I didn’t know my own strength’ off her new album. She said ‘be careful now that’s my baby’.

It got me thinking, many times in life during one exercise or another we are asked to list our ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’. It doesn’t matter what it is that we write, whether it is the ability to work under pressure or as part of a team, communication skills, responsible, loves challenges…yea we all have these buzz words on our CVs.
However you and I know that real life is more than what is written on pen and paper. What’s the attribute for keeping your head up after you’ve had 10’s of NOs, interview after interview? What attribute is it when you recover from a drug addiction like Whitney and get back on stage? Courage? Resilience? It’s easy to write on paper fancy words and lofty ideas but until you’ve been through the fire, you can never really know what your strength is.

I remember being in my final year in university and hearing people who had finished before me describing the battles they faced looking for work. I would think to myself that could never happen to me, I would not be able to take it. What did I know? I had already had two good jobs without having even graduated. Finishing my first degree, I didn’t have a problem getting jobs either…until I decided to do a Masters degree to enhance my profile. Finished said Masters and looked for a job for 4 months. One ‘’we are sorry to inform you…’’ after the other.
I didn’t know my own strength…

I remember being so paranoid about road transport and the amount of accidents they caused. I would unequivocally declare to my friends: ‘’I shall always travel by air! It is the safest!’’. Until my plane decided to go down when we were supposed to be going up…

I didn’t know my own strength…

I remember being in a relationship and thinking, this is it. This is my one…until he says ‘’I think we should call it quits…its not you…just need to focus’’

I didn’t know my own strength…

In the school of life you get tests, some people even get exams. Every time you go through one of these tests and come out with your head held high…victorious…you have discovered your own strength. There is strength for every life level.

How then do I renew my strength? I draw strength from God and I learn to control the one thing I can control….myself.

Do you know your own strength?

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